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Great!!! Let’s do a green gallery and help the environment!!! 🙂

I can say from my italian background that cooking is in my blood. At home i cook the meals and i usually have friends at home for dinner. For this reason a friend asked me to make videos with some family repices and i started with the “ragu” which is a tomato and meat sauce from my grandmother’s region in the south of italy. Making this video was a pleasure and made me remember what is so amazing about family cooking. About going to granny’s house on sundays with all the family to eat and chat and have fun. About playing in the garden with the dog and messing with the plants trying to find a four-leaf clover and bugs to capture. After the meal the old folks would tell jokes and the young kids would play until time to go home. It’s amazing how great moments are related to food. Not fast food for sure but food that creates rituals. Food that goes on the table for a big group to enjoy. Family cooking. I really miss that since i’m not a kid and i don’t have a grandmother anymore. My hope now is to be able to renew these rituals when i’m older and maybe my gradsons will remember and cherish this idea. Until then i’m cooking for my friends and i’m thinking about putting a blog about family food together. I’ll start with my “ragu” and it will be open for other recipes. I hope you all like it and participate. Maybe that will make us remember more vividly the good old days.

As the weeks and months pass by we accomplish so many things that we can’t remember it. Always late and running around hour after hour is our daily life. It’s so unusual for me these days to find time just to relax. Usually on weekends i still have some work to get ready before a new week starts. If not there is the minimun we have to do. Going to the market and buying plants and getting our hair cut and writing my posts and fixing something in the house and visiting friends and family and so on and on and on. But sometimes, just sometimes it is possible to do what i’m doing today. Mostly nothing. To stay like a baby in my bed really lazy with not a single thing on my mind (that’s overstated). Of couse too much time off can turn you into a permanently lazy person but we need this little time off so much we just realize it when we have it. I chance to recharge our batteries. It’s common for me to get a cold in days like this. That happens probably because the body lows my defenses. It gets lazy too. LOL. but the effect is amazing. I know next week i’ll start slower and my rhythm will grow during the week. That’s so much better than starting the week already jumping in other people’s throats hallucinating about the urgency of things and the amount of performance you are supposed to deliver. Talking about it in a day like this even makes me sleepy. So good week to all and enjoy the lazy days!!!