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I’m late but here’s my entry!! I guess this real car posing as a toy parked in a regular street of Mexico city can be called unexpected. Really interesting piece there was even a real size wood man inside…lol…a great week to you all!!!



Ok…Any hue is a hue of me…lol… As i love to photograph i can say i love all color light can offer me…So i’ll go for something really simple. In simple things we can notice the amount of rich colors and textures around us… So here’s pastry…lol…great week to you all!!!


Even a Kiss can have many interpretations. It’s not always love and it’s not always good. I say that because after looking at my files i found the most “appropriate” shot for this week’s challenge. At least in my opinion. At least is not something usual. At least it makes us think. I shot this in Berlin and this is a painting done by Dmitri Vrubel at the famous Berlin wall on East Side Gallery part. It’s a mile of the wall  that was given to artists all over the world to paint about the wall itself. This particular painting is based on an also famous photograph of an “infamous” kiss between soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and his East German counterpart Erich Honecker. As another sad piece of news i read that this and all the other paintings on the wall of East Side Gallery were destroyed by renovations on the wall itself. Those are scars outliving art itself.





And here is a photo i found on the web of how it is today. Really sadly destroyed.

Captura de Tela 2013-02-18 às 03.56.53