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Some say we need to feel excitement and that’s a reason to leave it to the last minute. Some say we fight against our adversities finding ways to overcome it without changing the underlying conditions. They call it coping skill like skin biting, nail biting, and hair pulling. They are ways we find to cope with problems. So sometimes we pretend we don’t see a problem or the size of it until the moment it becomes an emergency. Then the level of distress is enough to make our brain and bodies just run to complete the task and before we notice the task is done. Usually the problem of excessive coping is that it hides an issue. In some cases like learning for an example the issue is the chalenge of working through the process. In other cases like conflicts as when you have to finish a relation or fire someone or ask for a raise. In those cases some people have really hard time doing it and procrastination is the answer. They leave it to the last minute and if there’s no deadline they can take forever to do it. The problem is that nail biting begins, eating begins, stress begins. Some procrastinate pain. They find as many small daily tasks as they can get to postpone the acceptance of emotional pain. Some people take years to get rid of those if ever. They lock down part of their selves by making the mind busy with unimportant things. We start compromising our good health with matters like those. Unresolved issues piling up in our minds and taking the emotional energy we could use for many other things. So procrastination may sound like not much. Like a cool thing to do or just a way of acting but it has consequences and sometimes those are much higher than the original causes.

I heard many times before that i should live the present. I’m not sure the real reason people say that but i do have some ideas on this matter. Firstly the obvious idea: we live the present. We don’t live the past or the future instead we use past and future to project our selves. Projecting for the future helps creating it. More traditional people believe it to be called planning and strategy. More advanced ideas as the teories from quantum physicists support that you really create your future in your mind. The physical result is actually controlled by your mind’s projection of it. So you can project for the future as a benefit. But what about the past? This one should be easier to figure out because it is already there. It’s all written. Even so it can be more deceptive than the mysterious future. If you live your present according to your future you will be creating. If you live your present according to your past you will be stuck in it. The past is nothing more than a giant series of information coming from everywhere including our own journeys. When you look at it you start to use your memory. So far so good. It’s important to learn but we learn from mistakes and many times mistakes hurts us. So this information is not for free. It comes with a lot of things we don’t want or need to access. That’s where we create our defenses. That’s where we learn to fear. The big question is: How to get this information without the pain? People gotta be brave and take it? Even so the result is not that great. You learn to be afraid of heights but the feeling that comes with it can be as dangerous as heights depending on the situation. I’m using a simplistic example here. Think about other things we learn. We develop Karmas. We keep doing the same mistakes. That way we are repeating a projection for the past. The fat guy repeats his eating everyday. The dumb girl keeps choosing the wrong guys. We do to our kids the same things our parents did to us. The most creative we can be is to do the opposite. But getting free from this legacy and trying something new is something very uncommon. I think that’s nothing we can do about it. But i also think if we have this in mind we can do much more by trying. And the best way to try it is to focus on the present. Because life is in the present. The future is a possibility and the past is a big trap. I believe the present is a shadow of our souls. The past and the future are shadows of our present. Present= Life.

As i got older things from my generation already started fading in from of my eyes. Probably kids nowadays can’t imagine the idea of living in the cold war era. They don’t understand the concept of fearing World War Three or a Doom’s day. It’s interesting to see their fascination on some subjects as Hitler and World War Two. Now is very different than it was in the 70’s and 80’s. When i was a kid in the 70’s i remember being very affraid of the stories about war and people getting hurt and loosing their homes and going to concentration camps when they lost the war. Often i imagined how that would be if it happened in my city and i would dream about my mom in line to get two potatoes. At a conversation i had with a couple younger guys i realized this subject for them was fun and they think that stuff was crazy and unreal. The experiments on humans and the occultism and the technology and the twisted conspiracy theories is what interest them the most. They know everything about Mengele and Japanese “Unit 731” but they don’t care much about the shame of the Berlin wall and what really was United States versus Russia. Not even spys are interesting to them. Now they fear global warming and the end of the resources. These are the doom’s day themes of their generation.  In a way it’s good to see the ghost that haunted my generation fading away. My only concern in this matter is that the emotional distance with these subjects help people forget the lessons these important moments of pain taught us. I see new kinds of prejudice rising and xenophobia and racial issues beginning to create conflits and really dumb kids trying to revive some of the old stupidities as Nazism. I hope the ease kids deal with the old terrors don’t help them forget about it. I would hate to see these ghosts back and haunting our world once again in the near future.