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Grand… I usually tend to look for amazing little things that makes life wonderful and interesting. I’m not much into Grandeur…

Anyway not as a photographer but as a tourist i witnessed many things that can receive this title. Let’s see:

1: Pyramid of the sun seen from the pyramid of the moon in TEOTIHUACAN, close to Mexico city…I guess that fits the description.


2: A giant ship leaving the port of Miami. Notice it’s higher than the buildings. There, people on the porch can witness a bigger building moving through the water toward the sea.


3: The Rockefeller center christmas tree being assembled.


4: Amazing sand sculpture in Berlin, Germany….


5: The “Colón” Opera House in Buenos Aires…said to be one of the biggest of the world.


6: and i finish it with a bit of my country’s carnival. The biggest popular celebration of the world. This is a parade in my city. They happen in most big cities for 2 days…In these 2 days, 20 samba schools have one hour to perform the parade. Mine city is a big one so there’s a preliminar stage to find the 20 schools that will parade on carnival.


Cosmopolitan martinis and big fat lips. New York City and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. Polo shirts and a pair of old jeans. These are a few of my favorite things. Green eyes and fast cars. Lazy sunny fields. My feet on the sand and the ocean quite near. You and me and all our friends laughing and dancing and just having fun. My family and your family. Our family. Macarrons and Mont blancs. Sauternes and old cheese. Paris and home all year long. Thinking about life and dreaming every night. Kissing and hugging as much as i like. Doing my job right and for that being respected. Walking in Soho and listening to the classics at the park. Learning all new things to teach kids who likes it. Going to the opera and having brunch with caramel rolls and eggs Meurette. Using my hats and reading new books. Playing nintendo and painting the wall. Me and my camera hanging out all day long. Seating at the boulevard and watching people passing by. Being the stranger that nobody knows and eating “moules at frites” with a chilled Bandol. Staying in bed all day long with my love. Leave my body in the sea water untill skin turns old. Hot cocoa and blankets to get rid of the cold and watching Tv when is raining outside.All kinds of music but some cheesy styles. Using my ipod to cut out the world outside. Acid humor and old couples fights. These are a few of my favorite things…