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I’ll write about a different beginning. Not the new year’s eve. I live in Brasil and my country was a dictatorship on the 70’s and beginning of the 80’s. Until not a long ago people didn’t even know how to vote wisely. Other thing missing was the will to fight for our rights. I never saw a protest in my 44 years of live. But in june last year millions of Brasilians took the streets to protest. We feel misrepresented by our government. From this act some issues were resolved and most were not but the feeling of this new beginning is in the air. A beginning of a better country for our people. I can’t say if any good will come out of it. We all know politics are not for amateurs. But That mask of Guy Fawkes makes me think about beginnings…


Ok…Dreaming… I my friends know i love street photography and i love what a clean shot can give me. So i’m not the one with a big repertoire in long exposures. Anyway i find really interesting to play with it specially when there’s people involved. Something really amazing happens when we photograph. We actually can capture the image of a moment in time. When we  do a long exposure we capture many moments in one single shot. It’s something really amazing and intriguing. This shot i took in a New year’s eve on the dance floor. I love the mixture of bright and dark and blurry and sharp. The silhouettes pops up in a dreamy and ethereal way.




So your name is 2012 and we will get together for the next three hundred and something days. I’m not the kind that plans too much ahead but at least a new year’s resolution would be a good way of welcoming you 2012 in my life. So i thought about my options and i even tried to remember what went on in other years like yourself. What i realized was that i was always making promisses to get more and get better and get faster and get newer and get richer and get thinner and on and on. What i also realized was that these very things created most of the noises i hear in my head and i can say my head these last years is a really crowded and loud place. So I decided to do less. Not less of what i’m good at or less of the things that makes me important to some in this life of mine. Less i worrying. Less in planning. Less in expecting. Less in waiting. Less in wanting. And most important: less in self- consciousness. Less in worrying about each move we make and the reaction other people will have to that particular move. Maybe it sounds grumpy or egoistic but the fact is that i noticed we spend so much energy in just being that if we can be less we will live more. And happier. And better. So in 2012 i’ll be less. Be less yourself.