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Let’s narrow it a bit…. Let’s try a decade. Certainly i had no success trying to do a lifelong list but maybe a decade. So let’s talk about the last 10 years and let’s talk about bands and singers not songs…maybe it works better:

1: Radiohead

2: White Stripes

3: The Killers

4: The strokes

5: Regina Spektor

6: Florence and the machine

7: Coldplay

8: U2

9: Beiruth

10: Daft Punk

Damn it… it happened again!!! 10 are not enough!!! Not even to begin with…i believe i’m no good in making lists….

Cheers 🙂

Let’s stay with the music. I love musicians. This folk surely is old fashioned and he played in an old fashioned way with a really empty look on his eyes.


This week’s challenge is nice. Old fashioned. This first shot was from berlin last year. The man with the accordion makes me remember my childhood. I don’t see accordions very often these days…