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Well…in this one i’ll not subvert or deflect…Instead i’ll bring a joyous memory on the subject…Me and my wife having a lovely brunch at the Balthazar in NYC…This basket of bread was simply unbelievable…and the day was a great one… why mornings usually brings great memories?? Probably because we are alive to see another day 🙂



Today i’ve been in a lecture about modern era and what happened afterwords. Artists and philosophers learned the world was changing from the modern era into something else and they called Postmodernism. The dumb truth is that everything that came after the modern era is pos modern. So what happened is that after that other changes happened as well and there was no appropriate name for is as they were also pos modern. Enough about names what interested me in postmodernism is the idea that differently from the modern era that was obsessed with time postmodern society is obsessed with space. We don’t produce Picassos anymore and artists are not made to last centuries in history. What we have now is the search for transformation and the necessity to blend. We don’t present a painting anymore. We make an installation and mix it with some photos and sculpture. We prepare a space to become an experience. That is not just about art. In the modern it was all about time and progress and technology. Cars had to be faster. More expensive. Now its about space and care. Cars have to pollute less. In other hand is an era where individuality and memory are loosing importance. History is less known and people live for the moment. The past and the future are not that important. We don’t need to know history. We google it. We don’t need to know how to cook that particular recipe. We look of it in a blog. We don’t need to remember of a melody. We search it on youtube. What i learned is that post modern is not a place you want to be. Is where things are fading. Where houses are made to last 20 years and not 500 years and the old castles built in renaissance. It appears our legacy for the future generations is the personal computer and the internet. Technology. The art we are producing will probably fade soon. The architecture we are building will fade soon. The register of our generation will be really poor.

You can count to ten of think about the deepest water. Meditation work a little bit but when insomnia decides to come there’s nothing that can put it to “rest”. Nothing healthy at least. Xanax can work miracles but there’s a big price to pay in memory loss. For a strange reason there are some people that are not designed to sleep specially at night. I developed a theory where in old days some folks had to watch the group against animals and enemies in the forest. So they don’t sleep at night. It got in our genes. I know what most will say. It’s a matter of habit. But it’s true that i already didn’t sleep as a baby and i kept not sleeping as a kid and on and on. So i’m not sure if there’s any psychological thing involved. Maybe it’s just the same old biorithm. I’m not sure if it’s because i spent most of my life not sleeping so i developed the habit or if it’s enough reason for being awake at night but that’s the time of the day where i’m more productive creatively speaking. I write my posts at night. I paint at night. I work at night. No phones ringing and no people. I love people but not when i’m doing things where i don’t want to be interrupted. During the day you spend the day trying to concentrate and the phone and the mobile and the intercom and the Nextel and the bell ringing and the emailing and the text messaging and the msning and the facebooking and the twitting and the knocking on the door and the talking and laughing and the talking about last night and on and on and on…well… they don’t let you do your thing. You do a percentage of anything you are fully capable of doing when no one is around. On top of that it takes three times the effort to move around in the city. When i look at my window at night everybody is asleep and it’s all really quiet. I really love that. Anything can happen but nothing really happens so the mind is free to wonder and to fool around. But if you enjoy the idea beware: It’s a lot more time with yourself than you are used to have. You may start thinking too much and that is no good. Specially if you are planning to sleep ever again.