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We build our lives under the impressions of what we think our life it.

We hope and we get. We don’t hope and we don’t get it.

It’s like this huge universe of possibilities providing infinitely.

It’s pure quantum physics. It;s the world of Jesus.

That briliant son of god told us we should have faith.

Heaven belongs to those of faith and one only needs it to enter heaven.

One only needs to believe in god to be saved.

Saved from the fear of hell. From the fear of fading forever and having nothing left

to be remember. To loose the amazing moments spent in life.

After all probably this life here is what they call heaven. It’s when we are all

united. We are all one and all sons of god. Made of the same matter and

exchanging in infinite ways matter and energy.

If this is not heaven then what it is?

Anyway your faith will build what you believe in.

So you better believe in something. But how can you after learning this?

It seams like cheating. If i just need to believe something will happen it will?

Is it that simple?? Funny. I’m quoting Jesus again. I guess it is that simple.

Then why is it so hard to see it working? Why most feel they are in hell?

What is really the Devil? Maybe it’s the knowledge that all of this is and that’s just it.

It’s not a lie but if you take faith out of this equation everything becomes grey and

lifeless. No wonder the Devil is so powerful. He is the lack of hope. The lack of

faith. Hey! I’m quoting religion again even if i’m not trying at all. They say the

greatest trick the Devil ever played is to make us believe he doesn’t exist.

That’s what i’m saying all over again. The Devil is the non existence of belief.

Is the idea of “there’s nothing but this here”. It’s not a wrong idea but it’s twisted

because “this” can be what we want. Anything really. So a question remains.

What happens when we die? I guess if we have faith it will happen according to

our beliefs. If we don’t it will be just what it is. Faith in what? In these very things

we are talking about. The power of make things happen. The universe that

works for us. God we are and god it is. See…religion again!!!

I don’t know if any of you ever started paying close attention to your breathing. People that meditates usually pays a little bit. People with nasal problems also. The fact is: For some people is impossible to pay attention on your own breathing without thinking about life. That’s mainly because if you stop you die. I’m not sure what is the relation between this and Panic Sindrome but when someone is about to have Panic attacks they feel shorten on breath. Always. Panic attacks are chemically related and treated with drugs as Xanax and Prozac. So is Panic really fear? Some kind of psicosomatic manifestation of it ? Some people  have the need to be around air conditioners or fresh air. As low blood pressure people uses to faint when the air is heavy and latins use to look for sex, people with Panic Sindrome fears. It’s not conscient fear but it’s present enough to shorten your breath and make your blood pressure go really high. But what does it mean? What is there to be afraid of? To die? If so didn’t we realized yet we will die eventually? That’s twisted and very annoying because “mind over matter” is not rocket science. Mostly it works miracles but sometimes not. I wonder if my mind has some clue about the function of my lungs. Maybe the mind worries because it know that if breathing stop then everything stops. To make this even more precise there are two very common symptoms in Panic Attacks. Shorten of breath and chest pain. To me it looks like the brain knows these are the two things our body can’t live without. Lungs and heart. That said i can only conclude that being afraid of death is not something only happening in our mind. Every part of our body wants to live. So why just not live? Why bother? We are so worried in planning the future and controlling the routes that leads to our future that we take less care about the present. But life happens in the present. The future is not life. It’s just possibilities. The past is not life either. It’s gone. The only thing we have is the actual present and this one gotta be the main concern. Not tomorrow, not next week, not net year. I know it’s hard. We are planners. We need to program everything in our lives to feel we control it. But to live in the future is not to live since life is only a thing that happens in the present. So inhale, exhale, keep doing it and don’t stop but take you mind of it cause your body already the subject worrying about it. Use your mind to live the moment…

(re post from 20.12.2010)

Now it’s monday and tomorrow it’s a holiday. It’s time to do nothing. As it’s a little cold it’s time to stay in bed eating ice cream and cookies and making love. Drinking wine and making more love and watching films under our blankets. How few are the days like these and how important is to enjoy these days as much as we can. Lunch tomorrow is already cancelled. We had lunch today with friends and also on saturday. Yesterday was lunch out with more friends. This is all great but nothing tops times like right now. In times like these our minds are at peace and all wonder becomes mute. If not very far away. So today i’ll just leave all of you my friends with no food for thought. Just peace for resting. Let’s put the signs outside our doors: Do not disturb. And let’s not be disturbed about everything that will happen after tomorrow. All the craziness will start again but now that doesn’t matter. All the bills must be paid but not right now. All the promisses must be fulfilled but let’s not care. Let’s look at the lights through the window and feel the humid cold weather. Let’s rest upon the warm bodies from our companions and forget about anything that is not pleasant looking like newborn dogs feeling the sun on their faces. In other words let’s forget our business and remember ourselves the joy of doing absolutely nothing!