I was reading an interview with an important psychologist specialized in sex and it’s really amazing how often people lie about it. The researches are even funny when they mention numbers like these: The average couple usually have sex twice a week. The average guy that is married have sex three times a week and the average married woman usually have sex once a week. I’m not very good in math but there’s something really weird with these numbers. It gets worst with the singles. In a group of three thousand men and three thousand women the researches discovered that men have a different partner every week and women have a different partner every two months. If you consider that the number of people from each gender is not that different something is very wrong! So if the world is so “modern” these days why do people still lie about their performance in sex? Guys saying they do it more than they really do or girls saying that the do it less than they really do? Probably both. With single people that sounds bad but in married people that sound even worst! Why do married people lie about their performance? Sex life fades away but nobody want to talk about it? Does less sex means less happiness in the marriage? I have a fairly new wedding and if someone asks me i have no problem to talk about it but maybe that doesn’t last forever. Even so i really don’t think sex is the most important thing of it anyway. The commitment is. The plans are. The bonds are. Learning about this research made me realize sex is overrated. At least for me and if anyone have a different opinion please tell me because i would love to hear it. Either i’m right in the way i think or math doesn’t apply to sex and all researches are wrong.