Once a friend of mine told me: relationships are not solid like earth. Some people think that when the get married the job is done. It’s like a land they buy. It’s theirs. I’m not even saying it in a bad way. People tends to feel secure after they engage in a marriage that’s all. But the job never stops. My friend said to me relationships are like air in the atmosphere. You can go to sleep with your partner in a perfect night with a clear sky and a big gorgeous moon just to wake up next day in a giant storm! I can happen to anyone. You can go to sleep loving someone and when you wake up you have the feeling you don’t know anything about that strange person next to you. So what glues couples together? When do we emotionally decide in our hearts we really want someone to share our life with? If love is what bonds us why does it end? How does it? Is my friend right or maybe signs of the storm were happening for a long time and he just took it for granted? The important thing for that not to happen is to never stop taking care of the relation and i don’t mean taking care of your partner, the house affairs, money issues and family. I’m talking about the relation. You can find your self married to your sister or mother if you din’t do that. As passion don’t last forever love should be strong and nurtured. Desires should be fulfilled and individuality should be preserved. You can’t loose all your friends and personal life just because you are married. Otherwise if your relation finishes your life goes with it. Being respectful is the key for that to work. Equal rights in every aspect. I know things are complicated and you can loose your self in everyday life. But you can also loose your partner!