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It’s very common to listen from dogs or cats owners that animals are more human than most people. I’m not that radical. I’m also not as radical as my sister that can see a homeless at the street but can’t see a dog without finding it shelter and food. No i’m not. But i can’t help but find that who invented the idea of soul and after that mentioned that only humans have souls was really “human” in the bad sense of the word. We should always pay attention to animals. They are not civilized and yet we can see most of the virtues in them. It’s uncommon to find a person that is as loyal as a dog for an example. “Tabula Rasa” is supposed to define the learning process of an animal but in my experience it’s the oposite of that. Maybe there is no complex logic behind these creatures but the emotions are as sophisticated as ours or even more. I had this dog called Raggy. I was travelling when he got hit by a car and got to the vet almost dead. My flight was 4 days after that and i was feeling so guilty because i would not see him before his death. This dog held there for four days against all doctors predictions. I saw him alive for seconds and he closed his eyes. I know he waited for me. I just know. That’s a really deep and strong will that most say only humans have. I think differently. I think we can only read humans and maybe there are much more nobel creatures around. I get upset everytime i remember my dog. That was the most loyal thing i ever saw in my life. Maybe they don’t have language and they are not corrupt for that reason. I would love to meet a real Tarzan. I’m curious to see what kind of animal he would turn out to be.

I never imagined that it could exist someone in this planet that don’t get moved by music. Who only turn on a radio to listen to the news. Who have no CDs and who cannot name more than a couple songs with enthusiasm. I met someone like that today and i can say it was a really great guy. The only strange thing was this. It’s not that he hates lasagna or chocolate or soccer or that he digs politicians or banks. He just don’t care about music. As he explain himself he says music is not mandatory in life. You dont need it to live and you can have fun with other things. He enjoys books for an example. It’s really truth what he says but still it sounds so strange. I was made to believe that with no music our lives has no inspiration. That we respond to music in a way that is so instictive that if we don’t have it ever we can loose motivation. I tried to wonder how it would be if i didn’t know any song at all but i have to say can’t grasp the feeling. My mind is too impregnated with music and sounds. But even if i don’t emotionally understand i have to say i totally understand logically and that makes me think that we are all really different and once we learn that and learn how to respect that everything is much easier.