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Who is afraid of the dark and why? I’m not sure where does it came from. Maybe it’s the stories our parents told us when we were children. Maybe it’s the fact that each sense really makes a difference. But if it is so do blind people have no fear of the dark? If not all that is it possible our fear of dark places have something to do with instinct? When i think about these questions i can’t stop but wondering how death plays a part in all this. Sometimes only the fear of the unknown that darkness represents or sometimes the feeling of separation from our loved ones. These both feelings have a strong relation to the fear of death. I also don’t know the method we use to overcome this fear when we grow up. I just keep wondering if the brain have some knowledge that is not conscient and more instinctive about things that could have happened before we were born or after we die even if we are talking about our life in the womb. I don’t know. The fact is: our fears are usually useful and they are like little alarms telling us where and what to avoid and they are built over knowledge. Maybe fear of the dark is something we let go really soon when we are kids and therefore we don’t remember the reasons for the fobia but they did exist eventually. Maybe it’s the horror movies and the old bedtime stories our moms would tell us. By the way who tell kids about ghosts and witches expecting they will be relaxed and happy to sleep alone at night in the dark of their rooms? But there’s a third explanation. Physicists uses to say we only retain in our brain and memory a small part of all we see. There’s much more but our mind is not able to process it so we can’t actually “see” everything our eyes look. That can happen when is bright or dark and maybe what our eyes register when is dark can’t be translated to our mind but it’s unsettling enough to start our defense mechanisms. To creepy? maybe. But it’s also intriguing to guess what we can look but not actually see. Good night! : )

“Saudades” is a word only available in portuguese but i don’t understand why. It’s so important to express an specific kind of feeling that i wouldn’t know how to comunicate it in other languages. So i looked in the wikipedia and i found this: “deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which is lost. It often carries a fatalist tone and a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might really never return.”
I can say it’s somewhat accurate if such a thing exists. A word has not only logical meaning but also the sound and the design. To say “saudades” for an example is totally different than reading all the description i found in wikipedia. Also i would say that explanation already comes with only a version of the word and not all it’s meaning. I could say it means you miss someone or something but again how can i be sure? The language is part of the culture belonging to a certain civilization. Words are codes that works with all other codes in culture and the result depends on all this knowledge combined plus a personal approach to it. It so subjective sometimes people with the same surroundings and language can be misunderstood. What to expect then from people with different codes and languages? To me for an example the explanation for the word seams a little pessimistic if i’m not mistaken but again it can be my interpretation of this interpretation and not a general sense of it. That happens with many words and many other codes we have in our cultures. There’s this story told by a priest that was education brasilian indians in catholicism. He granted the chief of the bribe a beautiful piece of jewelry after this chief helped him converting all the tribe to catholicism and the chief also granted the priest with a bowl and arrow. The priest got really mad when he learned that the chief hung the jewelry on a tree besides the head of a dead chicken and a couple fruits on a basket. The chief didn’t understand why the priest was unhappy until four years later. The priest took the chief to Portugal to show the european court an american native in live flesh. When the priest invited the chief to his office the chief started laughing. On the wall he found his bow and arrow hung besides some paintings. The chief related that with the jewelry. He understood that the true use of those gifts where lost in translation.

I can say i’m pretty happy being who i am and where i am and as i am. I don’t have even nearly half my dreams fulfilled and i still have a long way to go but i can say i don’t want to change my life for any other. Even so i can say there were a lot of things i would do differently if i had the knowledge i have today. I would avoid getting hurt so many times and i would enjoy my life much more taking less attention to things that are not importante. Anyway if i had to choose i would never go back. I truly believe all good and bad things that ever happened to me shaped this individual i am today and i am exactly where i want to be. Still dreaming about great projects, winning some and loosing some, just another guy on the crowd but aware of what i want and where i’m headed. Life is so complex we shouldn’t stop much time to think about it’s engines. As we are a bunch of different things our lives are a bunch of even more things. Each decision every part of ourself take along the way can change the path totally. A shorter step or a longer step and that car would hit you or not. Five minutes more to make that call and maybe a life of regret for a decision you took. One can get paranoid trying to master the right paths and choices and some are always undecided about the chosen path. Our bodies are making choices as well to survive on the conditions received and there are consequences to each choice. I can’t begin to think about the many lives i didn’t have by choosing this one i have now but i really don’t care much because i’m glad to have this one. So the important thing is: Are you happy with your choices and the path you took? Are you willing to take the chance of regretting not doing something you believe in? I believe a lot in intuition as the advice your hole existent being is giving you every time you need to choose a path. You can listen or not. As your body hurts when you get sick as a hint something is wrong intuition helps us when we need the most because deep down inside we all know where we are headed. So we should listen to our intuition and we should never neglect a call from our own self in order to live a life we can relate to and accept when we are older.