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Great challenge!!! I love mountains!! I’ll start on the top of a mountain in Rio de Janeiro. I shot this in a “Favela” and this soccer field has probably one of the best views in the city.

It’s interesting to watch cartoons with heroes like Superman and Captain America as an adult. It’s amazingly recognizable the amount or morals teaching context and it’s clear that some were made to sell ideas to kids. You probably remember the most exagerated of all: He-man. Some of you probably remember the lesson in the end of every episode. “Don’t talk to strangers” or “Do everything you mother tells you” and things like that. But not just He-man is like this. Many cartoons were designed to help parents to teach some principles to kids and they showed up in a very convenient time. Parents were spending less and less time at home and more time at work. These kids started to be raised by TV and someone decided that was a good way to leave the character building part of education also to the tube. I’m not sure if it worked and i’m talking about my own generation but i think we are doing fine. Unfortunately i ended up choosing twisted heroes like Batman and Spiderman but that should be expected.

Internet still amazes me soooo much. I’m probably getting old. I never saw so much power or creation and sharing before and i keep saying that every six months! This time i was amazed by a very simple fact. The search of a song by the pop singer Bruno Mars i needed to show as a reference for a soundtrack. I’m not saying that i like it or don’t like it. The incredible thing started by the fact i could not find the original video o youtube for hours because of the amount of covers o the song. I started watching some of those to see what kind of covers were those and they were really professional videos. I made me remember of my self waiting to listen to a song again on the radio. In the 70’s it was the only way to listen to a new tune. There was this feeling of antecipation and usually we would find a station playing the song only when it was almost over. To resolve this matter you should buy the LP. As i live in Brasil sometimes it took months before i song i wanted arrived in vinil. I would have to buy imports and they were really expensive. So usually the radio was the most common solution. You could also record a tape with the radiocast. Wow!! Youtube has been on for a while and a lot has evolved. I saw many covers before over these last years but what is impressive is the musica quality and the technical quality of the videos. Professional at least. Kids doing art with not limitations. Please take sometime to watch some version of the same song. O got a few cover i found great so you can understand what i mean. They are sooooo many! Some are fun and other are really amazing. Some are for sale on itunes store and some have more than a million views on youtube. This is a real 21 century phenomena. The real composer is mixed in the bunch so you guys can compare. So what happens with authorship? I can assure you it’s all changed. What happens with the record companies? They are already gone. What about us? Well… We will see a lot of exchange between creative people and the artists of our generation will be much closer to us and they will have smaller groups of fans with a much more direct contact. No more middle men. Isn’t that a great moment??? I think so!!!