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That’s the very thing that moves me…Travelling. Trying to find journeys to see things i never saw before and people different from the people i know. A Journey can be so different from each other. Life is a journey. So this time i’ll stick with the beginning… the promisse… of what can happen if you decide to go on a journey… this first shot i took couple years ago shows a scene that is common in an airport. Also a scene that indicates the beginning of a journey…


Today i completed the first third of my journey in post a day 2011. It means four months posting everyday. It’s not a really easy task but it’s a great writing exercize. Finding subjects everyday is probably the biggest chalenge. I started this because i always wanted to share my ideas. I’m starting to realize these ideias are not so many. lol. In other hand i’m learning the joy of blogging and being able to be part of a group that share this desire. Writing. I feel much less alone and much more confident now in this journey and i own that to the friends i made here and are exchanging ideas everyday with me. How important it is to be able to exchange. Ideas locked in one’s mind can not grow and prosper. When you have the chance to debate and have feedback on your thoughts and give your opinion on other people’s thoughts you can learn many times more than doing it alone and it’s many times more pleasurable also. It scares me a bit to think i still have two hundred and forty posts left to write but i intent to be as honest and personal as i can and i believe everything will be all right. Thank you all. You are a great gift i received this year.

I heard many times before that i should live the present. I’m not sure the real reason people say that but i do have some thinking on this matter. Firstly the obvious idea: we live the present. We don’t live the past or the future instead we use past and future to project our selves. Projecting for the future helps creating it. More traditional people believe it to be called planning and strategy. More advanced ideas as the teories from quantum physicists support that you really create your future in your mind. The physical result is actually controlled by your mind’s projection of it. So you can project for the future as a benefit. But what about the past? This one should be easier to figure out because it is already there. It’s all written. Even so it can be more deceptive than the mysterious future. If you live your present according to your future you will be creating. If you live your present according to your past you will be stuck in it. The past is nothing more than a giant series of information coming from everywhere including our own journeys. When you look at it you start to use your memory. So far so good. It’s important to learn but we learn from mistakes and many times mistakes hurts us. So this information is not for free. It comes with a lot of things we don’t want or need to access. That’s where we create our defenses. That’s where we learn to fear. The big question is: How to get this information without the pain? People gotta be brave and take it? Even so the result is not that great. You learn to be afraid of heights but the feeling that comes with it can be as dangerous as heights depending on the situation. I’m using a simplistic example here. Think about other things we learn. We develop Karmas. We keep doing the same mistakes. That way we are repeating a projection for the past. The fat guy repeats his eating everyday. The dumb girl keeps choosing the wrong guys. We do to our kids the same things our parents did to us. The most creative we can be is to do the opposite. But getting free from this legacy and trying something new is something very uncommon. I think that’s nothing we can do about it. But i also think if we have this in mind we can do much more by trying. And the best way to try it is to focus on the present. Because life is in the present. The future is a possibility and the past is a big trap. I believe the present is a shadow of our souls. The past and the future are shadows of our present. Present= Life.