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How amazing and complex is our life and our world full of paths and possibilities. If you could walk on my shoe you would understand why do i say that. So many memories and adventures. So many wars and tragedies. A lot happened in my eventful life and i still hopefully have a long way to go. How about your life? What would happen if i walk in your shoe? If i can see all you saw? Maybe you will answer me with some cynicism trying to convince me your life was uneventful.Was not interesting. I kinda doubt it. Those million minutes were full of ideas and dreams and good things. Probably bad things too. My point is: No matter how much of this life we do know it will never be more than a tiny sample. For the full knowledge one should have the possibility of knowing every moment of everyone’s life and much more. Everything’s life. Every lifeless event. But then we are talking about god or something like that. My point is: We can only see the world through our eyes and our experiences. How cool it would be if we could share more. If we could walk in each other’s shoes.

Today i completed the first third of my journey in post a day 2011. It means four months posting everyday. It’s not a really easy task but it’s a great writing exercize. Finding subjects everyday is probably the biggest chalenge. I started this because i always wanted to share my ideas. I’m starting to realize these ideias are not so many. lol. In other hand i’m learning the joy of blogging and being able to be part of a group that share this desire. Writing. I feel much less alone and much more confident now in this journey and i own that to the friends i made here and are exchanging ideas everyday with me. How important it is to be able to exchange. Ideas locked in one’s mind can not grow and prosper. When you have the chance to debate and have feedback on your thoughts and give your opinion on other people’s thoughts you can learn many times more than doing it alone and it’s many times more pleasurable also. It scares me a bit to think i still have two hundred and forty posts left to write but i intent to be as honest and personal as i can and i believe everything will be all right. Thank you all. You are a great gift i received this year.

Yesterday i watched the third zeitgeist video: Moving forward. For those who didn’t see those videos Zeitgeist is a german word that means the spirit of an era. All the ideas and fashions and arts and achievements and language that describes a society in a certain time. The first video called “Zeitgeist: the movie” talked about three things: The solar gods in which Jesus is classified and the theory about 9/11 being a big set up and finally about the money market and how banks controls society today. It’s really impressive mostly because the author uses facts as argument. There’s no big theory. Just interpretation of facts and i can tell these facts are pretty consistent. I saw the documentary about three years ago and i learned it was the video most ever seen on the web of all times. It’s around 500 million views. Last week i learned the same guy released a second and a third documentary. I watched the third and skipped the second. The idea of the third doc called “Zeitgeist: moving forward” is all around the money system and the money based society. The film does a big research in the next steps of society and tries to prove that it’s impossible to sustain this system for more than 40 years from now without destroying what is left of the planet’s resources. Finally it proposes the end of money. Not socialism or anarchism because those still runs with governs and power. A system with none of these thing. Though it is a really utopian idea for the actual society it makes us wonder how it would be to live in a world with no money and no lack of quality of life for everyone. I have to agree with the author that money is the cancer of our society. In every trade we do the banks can keep a share for them. In every effort we make they make money out of it and then they land us this money we made so we pay interest to have stuff we really don’t need. Soon we are slaved by this process sometimes not even with much choice of getting of not money in the banks. There are many researches not mentioned in this doc about the addictive power of consumption. I believe i’m addicted on buying stuff. In my case usually gadgets and art things. It’s good to watch a doc like this to make us think twice before buying stuff with money we still don’t even earned. The only people who makes money on this idea are bank and i really think bankers should all go to hell. Not when they die. Now!