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Home is where our heart belongs. So there is not just one home. At least for me. My parent’s house will always be home. My apartment is the best place in the world. My place. My home. But i remembered of another home for this challenge. I chose cinema in my heart and it’s not just a profession. It’s this big piece of my life with so many brothers and sisters carved in difficult times and moments of joy. So wherever i see a set light or a camera rolling i can say i feel at home.






This is a comfort i don’t have anymore but for eight years Simon was my friend. He was comfort for me. He felt like home wherever i was with him. I really miss him.


Today is Sunday and that’s already a good excuse to stay home. Time to rest and to do things in the house that needed to be done. Today was Formula Indy day in my city. It’s raining intensely and the race was rescheduled for tomorrow. This rain makes the idea of leaving my bed almost impossible. This rain makes my eyes wanna close for a nap all the time. It’s such a great sensation. There’s nothing to be done. I made some coffee and now i’m typing while looking through the window. It’s raining with no thunders. Nothing to put us on edge. I may say my house feels as a womb and i can understand why babies don’t want to leave this safe and warm place. I’ll probably start to watch a movie and i’ll try not to remember that tomorrow is Monday. And it will be a rainy monday so instead of the tranquility of my home i’ll get a rainy day’s traffic jam. Another week full of things to resolve and people to please. What looks so amazing today will probably ruin my day tomorrow. I’ll be outside the womb and inside the messy rainy world fighting hard to live another rainy sunday in my house and in my bed.