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What a great way to start 2012!!! With peace… and that is piece of cake this time of the year when the everyday’s life didn’t crowd our lives. I took a lot of shots in this holiday’s time of. I’ll start with one that really reflected my spirit. A spirit full of peace…


The year in finishing and so my challenge to post everyday. I can’t say i did post everyday but between written posts and photo challenges i have more than 300 so far. Now it’s time to look back and try to understand what happened in my life and how did this blog followed my adventures during 2011. I don’t know what else can come out of this but it will be the first time i read proof of my footsteps and i can even reevaluate some issues. For the first time i can exchange things that are mine with my friends here. Friends i made through my stories and my steps. People that could not care less about my financial situation or about my status in the community or my physical appearance. People that gave me a lot of support in times of trouble. Yes! With nothing to expect in return these friends did cheer and gave advice. How much more unconditional can it be? So i learned a lot this year and this challenge showed me many great people and great moments. I know it already sounds too good and i didn’t even say a word about the amazing stories i read everyday from great writers and even better the possibility to comment and interact with these great writers. Many lessons for life for those who are interested in reading it. Again unconditional. I’m not the everyday optimist as most here already know but i can see a lot of goodness in here and i hope i can be part of it for a long time. So i would like to thank all my friend and assure they’ll always find avid eyes here waiting for the next posts and the next days and the next adventures. Let’s choose well the challenges of next year and finish the challenges of this one joyfully. Great holidays to you all!!! (No…this is not the last post of the year…but it will be the only one in this subject) 🙂

Now it’s monday and tomorrow it’s a holiday. It’s time to do nothing. As it’s a little cold it’s time to stay in bed eating ice cream and cookies and making love. Drinking wine and making more love and watching films under our blankets. How few are the days like these and how important is to enjoy these days as much as we can. Lunch tomorrow is already cancelled. We had lunch today with friends and also on saturday. Yesterday was lunch out with more friends. This is all great but nothing tops times like right now. In times like these our minds are at peace and all wonder becomes mute. If not very far away. So today i’ll just leave all of you my friends with no food for thought. Just peace for resting. Let’s put the signs outside our doors: Do not disturb. And let’s not be disturbed about everything that will happen after tomorrow. All the craziness will start again but now that doesn’t matter. All the bills must be paid but not right now. All the promisses must be fulfilled but let’s not care. Let’s look at the lights through the window and feel the humid cold weather. Let’s rest upon the warm bodies from our companions and forget about anything that is not pleasant looking like newborn dogs feeling the sun on their faces. In other words let’s forget our business and remember ourselves the joy of doing absolutely nothing!