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Well…hands are probably what makes us humans in the first place. There is so much language and intention and strength and history in a person’s hand. Surely it’s an amazing subject for a shot. I’ll start this one with a “grip” :). It’s a shot i took of my wife without her noticing. It was a couple years ago on new year’s eve. She’s holding her waist who knows why… but i love it.

I also want to use this post to thank you a lot the really talented Mr. Spilledinkguy for collaborating with me in an amazing work (credits are his actually…he choose a shot within many and altered in the most amazing way) and if you can do check out the lovely result here


There are the most interesting textures in all places… even in our own selves. That’s my hand and this shot has 5 years if someone decides to read my future…lol.