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When i was a kid i used to spend sometime with my grandparents. My parents used to travel abroad and they would leave us with them. I loved my grandma’s food and my grandpa’s sense of humor. There are things i never forgot like the fact my grandma used to smoke her last cigarette of the night with the lights already out. I would be sleeping on a matress close to her bed and my grandpa didn’t sleep in that room at the time. He snored too much or that’s what she used to say. I remember the red glow and the sound of burning paper. In this particular weekend my parents left me and my only sister there before a trip to Europe. They told us we would have to spend the weekend with a made because grandma and grandpa were in a farm until sunday. I remember like it was yesterday that i didn’t want to sleep in the bedroom without them in the house. I was scared so i slept on the couch at the living room. I was really early in the morning when my grandfather woke me up with his usual old italian man saying: “Wake up and spit”. I’m not sure if it makes sense to any of you. I probably turned to the other side and kept sleeping. I had just enough time to see him walking away with his beret and his clothes. I woke up with the sound of someone crying: It was my mother’s sister. She came close to me and said my grandfather was not coming back. I said she was wrong because he already arrived. I told her i saw him that morning. I remember her face when she got mad at me saying that i was lying. Saying that he died that morning on the farm. I got choked and confused and really scared at that time. Today i get happy to remember that. I’m not sure if it was a dream but if that was the case it was a big coincidence. I’m telling this story which i named “Ghosts” because that’s the only event i recall where something different happened in my life. Something i could think it has to do with spirits. I was never scared of ghosts and things like that and i think this story helped me a lot. I like to believe there are other forms of continuity after death. It would be really sad to live all we live to just to fade and loose it all forever.

So it’s the time for the bunny to bring us the catholic event of Jesus resurrection. I’m not sure what’s the relation of this and chocolate eggs as i’m not sure of the relation between Santa and Jesus birth on christmas. The fact is that people gather and try to have joy in these holidays. Great time to visit the old folks like daddies and granddaddies and remember how much we miss them. It’s also time to spend time together and usually after the holiday we remember why we don’t gather more often. As a great guy i know uses to say ” Guests are like fish. After the third day they start to smell really bad”. It would be so much better in Jesus had resurrected in the same day he died. No giant traffic lines leaving the city on thursday night and arriving on sunday afternoon. No sleeping over on parents houses. No having kids sleeping over. I love the one day celebrations. It starts at morning and at night you are in your house enjoying your TV. Maybe because i’m not from a big family i really don’t dig the idea of traveling to have easter lunch with all the relatives. There was a time i did and that was when my grandparents were alive. When my grandma which was the best cook in the universe was alive. Even so after lunch i would really prefer to go home.