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Probably some of you guys watched this sad documentary about really very important things. “The gift” talks about a subject that is all around us specially when we start mixing religion and science. More precisely quantum physics. If you want to know what i’m talking about with more details i really recommend “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?“. A much more serious documentary. They both talk about the same subject with very different approaches. “The Gift” unfortunately is really shallow and sometimes even stupid. What they talk about is what in important though. Our universe have only one law that can’t be denied and that rules everything and that’s the law of attraction. Quantum physics are helping us undertand many different ways that law can be applied. If you consider reality only exists when it’s witnessed as colors are only visible with the presence of light you will be able to wonder how do we transform our own reality by building it in our minds first. Even without being an easy test the documentarist give many researches and tests done proving that’s truth. Our reality depends a lot in how do we want to shape it. That means by the law of attraction that if we are negative we are also attracting negativeness into our lives. If we are positive… That happens already on a daily basis in a very easy way to witness. Only it’s very small. With new equipment scientists are finding that our brain is not the same during our lives. The synapses in it changes every time we execute some action. We shape our brain to produce what we want. It’s also proven our eyes can see ten times more stuff that our brain can undertand so we “see” the world only partially. There are many other ways of shaping the reality recognized around us setting up a scenário where the next events will happen and the law of attraction is always there to move whatever we ask our bodies and minds to get closer or far away from us. What does it all mean? That the cheese idea that being positive can result in positive effects may be truth. That people that are negative about everything and never stop complaining about their lives usually have a lot of difficulty to get good things going for them. That those “lucky bastards” that are so annoying because everything in their lives are always well will keep that way. That if you really set your mind to do something you will surely end up getting it or at least getting much closer to it. It’s the law of attraction. The only unquestionable law of our universe.

On sunday and i watched the Bolshoi “live in DH” in the movie theatre. Its really a great experience but i would prefer less camera moves. I would love to see it like in a real theatre with only one camera showing all the stage. Last year i had the chance to watch “La Cenerentola” in the same format.HD cameras are hooked everywhere on the theatre and all around the world we are able to see the same show people at the venue are enjoying. It was a great ballet and is really amazing how far a person can go with talent. In this blog i have a page with a documentary i’m working on right now. I lived one month with a group of classical musicians in a big classical music festival. The ballet made me remember those four weeks and a thing that is haunting me since i started the documentary. Looking at the dancers and remembering the musicians i couldn’t stop wondering about the main dancer in the role of “Giselle”. In this kind of live projection there’s always someone explaining a bit of what’s going on and the the woman kept telling that “The Bolshoi” was a factory of great dancers and any of those girls could be “Giselle” and that it was the dream role for any classical dancer. I saw the same happening before and it bothered me. I saw kids that lost their entire youth practicing just to be at the last place in the orchestra and i saw kids that did the same but they were shining in front of the maestro. I witnessed people being humiliated in search of advice from masters of the craft just because everything they had to offer was not good enough. I use to brag about my capacity of learning people very fast. Sometimes it only takes one look. It’s part of my job as a director and interviewer. A couple times in that month i really got frustrated. I supposed that to be the best of the best in arts specially music which is so delicate one must be very sensitive and enlightened to conjure these atributes and i can tell you it happened many times as i imagined. But these other times were hard on me. The first was this kid. She plays the violin. I heard one of those masters saying he would take her to france to teach her. That she was the most talented performer with the biggest “emotion” in music he ever had the chance to meet. I can tell you i interviewed her and she was a dry person that would resemble someone from the army and not from music. I could not understand. Then this happened a couple more times and i thought it was my fault. I was loosing the touch. Then i witnessed a scene. I was filming a piano class. The teacher was this french guy considered the best “Ravel interpreter” alive. I heard him before rehearsing Ravel’s piano concerto and it was really moving. I was very happy for the student, a poor boy from a little town who spent eight hours a day for the last twelve years practicing piano. His performance for me was wonderful. After the class started the teacher asked him to play the Ravel. As the student finished the music he said very gently: ” I’m sorry but in fifty years you will not be able to play. You should try to get a job” and the student started crying and everyone heard his sad story. Nobody applauded the french pianist in his performance that night because everyone got sad for the boy. I can swear that guy was really talented but he was not a good man at all. I could see no emotions he could share with others. Now my point is: Where does this gift come from? It’s it fair? Why one would spend his life believing in something and trying hard just to be seconded by another someone that not necessarily deserves it. Maybe gifts are something we should be able to recognize in our selves so we could decide to follow paths we are carved to follow. Maybe that is something very wrong with our learning system where one can spend an entire live not knowing what one is good at. The thing is: That path you choose not always choose you. That’s a fact hard to swallow for a boy and i felt sorry for him. And i’ll always feel that way. I can say i always tried very hard to better my self but i saw people trying less and doing better and of course also the other way around. Then i decided: Gifts are overrated !