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“We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore.” as Howard Beale would say in “Network”, the famous film directed by Sidnei Lumet. This post is not about anger. It’s about movies. I read that the Network was chosen for preservation in the Us National Congress for it’s historical and social value. There are entire generations that are really well documented on films much better than in history books. This is an interesting feature in the knowledge about these generations. One that i can use to talk about my generation is ‘The fight Club”. It defines really well those who grew up in the eighties. Besides is much more fun than history class in my opinion. You probably have films that reminds you of your life and you surroundings. Your dreams and your fears. More than entertainment movies are also a very efficient way of “selling” an idea. The United States was the first country that learned how to do it. Because of the golden age of cinema everybody in the world would know what kind of suit a man should wear and how his house should look like. What kind of car he should have and what kind of answer he would give in a certain situation. This is a very powerful weapon when used well. I’m not sure what will be the next important tool for cultural propaganda but certainly the web is not as fun as the movies. Much more addictive but surely not as fun. I wonder if in a couple centuries the kids will learn from books of from films. I just hope they don’t have to learn from websites.

Video games were the parents off at least three generations mine included. Probably my generation was the first with those very primitive tennis video games where the ball was a square and we were rectangles and hits like Simon. A funny thing about being this first team of humans playing games is the fact that our parents always imagined that activity as a children only thing. They see us playing Wii and Playstation today and all they say is: Aren’t you too old to play this?? My generation in other hand understand the place these games have in our everyday lives and that’s what we should pass along to our kids. With games you can control and master a much more interesting reality where you can be also much better with less effort than you need in the real world which is also a game but much more complex with much more things involved. Video games were designed to be another way of alienating people and to entertain them in their free time. That’s much less time for people to think about changes and improvement. Usually governments that want an easy population to manipulate really can enjoy that kind of tool. I’m not saying that’s all games are for but differently than saying it’s not a thing for adults we should tell kids it’s not a thing for people who wants do evolve. Games are fun, really fun. But they also create nothing but waste of time. So what i mean is: Do play but remember that’s wasted time so you will not play for too long. Another thing. All games are for adults but not all games are for kids. I do believe games with too much violence and with a very adult storyline are not helping kids these days. Already the time to become an adult is arriving earlier and earlier. We can see TI programmers with fourteen and that’s a well paid job. These activities are all related to the game and web culture and the less we can expose kids to that the more time they will still be kids.

Since the beginning of times children are really mean and the best witnesses to this are the animals and other children. The animals are not as vindictive as humans. If a dog ends up biting a kid after hours of eye poking or tail pulling is pure instinct and not revenge. Humans in other hand prefer many times to chicken in front of older mean kids and get their revenge with younger kids. That way bullying goes around generation after generation. Sometimes physically others psychologically. Some of those can leave marks for all our lives and kids don’t know better. I’m planning to have a child and it makes me think about this situation. I’m not sure what is worst. If my kid bully or gets bullied. When i was younger i always thought mean kids are the result of a broken home but now i see many kids that are totally unbalanced and apparently they live in happy families. Maybe too happy. Some say the lack of boundaries can result in things like this. The lady that works with my wife is four. He came to my place twice. I remember the first really well. The kid was kicking the walls for most of his half a hour visit and he would kick and look to us. The mom would ask him to spot and right after she did speak he started kicking again. My wife got my collection “Nemo” and gave it to him. He looked really menacing for about two minutes straight in our eyes and threw the doll aiming my wife’s head. He didn’t miss. Than the lady got ashamed and decided the visit was over but she never complained or reprehended he kid. The kid left the house screaming “stupid”. Well. I know the parents and they do everything for the kid and i heard the kid hurt really bad a younger kid at school. He got suspended and all. The mom was really upset because he got suspended as he was a amazing boy and if he did something i was because he had reasons to it. I don’t need to comment that the dog in this family’s house was “very agressive” and they have to give the dog away because it was trying to “hurt” the kid. That makes me think about my beliefs. I think nobody bullied this kid. He had not enough time for that. He didn’t live in a destroyed home so what about “Tabula rasa”?? Are people not supposed to be essentially good and society would makes us less pure?? Is it the other way around??? I don’t know. Just what i know is that kids are smart enough to know better and even smart enough to play dumb whenever that benefits them. And don’t get me wrong. I love kids. That’s just fruit of observation.