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Video games were the parents off at least three generations mine included. Probably my generation was the first with those very primitive tennis video games where the ball was a square and we were rectangles and hits like Simon. A funny thing about being this first team of humans playing games is the fact that our parents always imagined that activity as a children only thing. They see us playing Wii and Playstation today and all they say is: Aren’t you too old to play this?? My generation in other hand understand the place these games have in our everyday lives and that’s what we should pass along to our kids. With games you can control and master a much more interesting reality where you can be also much better with less effort than you need in the real world which is also a game but much more complex with much more things involved. Video games were designed to be another way of alienating people and to entertain them in their free time. That’s much less time for people to think about changes and improvement. Usually governments that want an easy population to manipulate really can enjoy that kind of tool. I’m not saying that’s all games are for but differently than saying it’s not a thing for adults we should tell kids it’s not a thing for people who wants do evolve. Games are fun, really fun. But they also create nothing but waste of time. So what i mean is: Do play but remember that’s wasted time so you will not play for too long. Another thing. All games are for adults but not all games are for kids. I do believe games with too much violence and with a very adult storyline are not helping kids these days. Already the time to become an adult is arriving earlier and earlier. We can see TI programmers with fourteen and that’s a well paid job. These activities are all related to the game and web culture and the less we can expose kids to that the more time they will still be kids.

It’s time to take over. To decide who’s in ans who’s out. It’s amazing how we can let our lives and also other people confuse us and decide for us important issues and how passive we can get into our own skin. Ok to be passive about some issues that don’t belong to us but we do it to our selves. Let’s take our butts from the chair and start walking on the path and please don’t try to abduct us with your emergencies and problems. We will not make those our problems. Instead we will take the time to enjoy our lives. To please ourselves with calmness and tranquility. Don’t even try to put a leash on our horses. They are mad and you will really get hurt in the process. That’s a friendly advice so later on don’t blame us. We are the people who got tired to be fooled by games and dramas and other people taking advantage of our kindness. We are really selfish and we are proud of it. We are determined and still we are very good people. We will use our spare energy to help those who need help and not those who ask for it. That way we will be more happy and more helpful at the same time. So please do not insist and take your crap somewhere else. (Now all you have to do is put this into a t-shirt. It will make your life better)

Yesterday as a good Brasilian i had to give a look at the “desfile de escolas de samba” which is the official parade of the samba “schools” here in Brasil. The most important one is in Rio sunday (today) and monday (tomorrow). To be honest i’m not the biggest lover of carnival. For those who doesn’t know it’s a holiday here where the whole country stops from saturday till wednesday to party. Imagine you guys a hole country having fun. Sounds good but it would be even better if we were a rich country. The tradition of carnival comes from catholic church and it’s just before lent. Funny because there is a lot of nudity and it’s very carnal. That just sounds like the way our old church loves it. A little party and afterwords many sinners willing to pay their dues. In Brasil it’s a very important party. People use to say the year really starts just after it. That is mainly because it’s summer and vacations here before the festivities but also people are slower in the job before carnival begins. In the last decades it really turned into a party for tourists mainly because the natives have no money to attend. They put on the show but they don’t participate as much as they would like. A side effect is that the prices are really high. Yesterday i was invited but a place like i was could cost more that 500 US easily. As it was supposed to be a popular party each year it gets richer but less interesting and less artistic. The real artists are being banned from the place by people with more money as most of the cultural venues in the world. It was really fun to watch and it’s like going to the games. twelve samba schools with more than three thousand people each make their shows and the audience always have their preferred “team”. Next week they will choose the winner from this year and the two lower scores will go down one level like in pro sports and next year they will “play” on second division. The parade is also a great place for celebrities to show up on national Tv since it’s aired full length (one hour and a half each school times twelve in São Paulo and the same in Rio) which is a lot of air time. Many people turn into celebrities in one carnival alone. Sometimes just a pair of boobs well exposed is enough to call the attention of twenty million viewer. Now there’s something that tops all of this nonsense i just described. samba. The music and the rhythm. No way you can just listen to it. You dance it. It’s so primitive to our instincts that you just can’t help it. You dance it. If you know how to you do it beautifully. If you don’t you just make a fool of your self but nobody cares. The music is probably the part of the tradition that still is alive and that’s why is so powerful…Sound fun right? Some pictures then…