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To continue this challenge i’ll stay in Mexico… Mexican love Faces… You see it everywhere in their culture. It probably have something to do with their ancient gods… I took this shot outside the arena for the fights “luchas libres”… I got myself a couple of these masks…They’re awesome!!


I was born in 69 so in the end of the 70’s i was a ten years old kid. This was a very rich age for culture. I remember the premiere of Star Wars. A film i watched in the Movie theatres fourteen times. It was the age of disco and the age of punk. The age of feminism. The age of pop and the age fo hippies. It was the age of the big promisses for the future with the start of the personal computing and the beginning of roots for globalisation. There were no AIDS. The kids that grew up at that age were supposed to change the world. Let’s not forget we are talking about the cold war so the world we are supposed to build is a world in peace. Something very interesting happened in music. It was a time where kids opposed the status quo and embraced the idea that chance is always better no matter what. Punks looking for anarchy, New wavers looking for a different cultural attitude, hippies fighting wars with flowers, skinheads gathering gangs to fight for the working class, Hip-hop from the projects talking about real african american issues, mainstream dancing on the disco clubs and having free sex, Heavy Metal dudes alienating from society and The Yuppies casting a capitalist shadow in all this fun. A importante thing at those times is that these tribes didn’t mix at all. Skinheads would only go to punk shows to fight. Rock hed nothing to do with new wave and all these tribes had their own way of dressing and talking and acting and all reflected the music they listened. The thing is: that was not all fun and joy. There was a lot of prejudice between these tribes and also with the status quo. It was a time of fight and hate in many levels but it was also a time of a rich cultural creation. The richer of the last decades. Punk, pop, pop-rock, electronica, hip-hop, new wave, goth, disco. Almost all the musical styles we listen today came from the 70’s. We had grunge in the 90’s and many electronica segments but not even one new hole musical style. In other hand today kids go to a rock party that ends as a disco party and they hang with hip-hop kids that enjoy electronic music and so on. Punk is only the theme of some fashion collections as well as hippie. Psychedelic is a graphic style and also a segment for electronica. That makes me wonder. The cultural segregation from the 70’s created so much and the 00’s cultural mixup where everybody can do anything created so little? Am i missing something here? If i’m right segregation is not so bad culturally speaking? As i don’t like the idea of segregation how can creation grow in a fluid environment where the “need” to raise a voice in not so important for a group as it is for an individual?

Cosmopolitan martinis and big fat lips. New York City and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. Polo shirts and a pair of old jeans. These are a few of my favorite things. Green eyes and fast cars. Lazy sunny fields. My feet on the sand and the ocean quite near. You and me and all our friends laughing and dancing and just having fun. My family and your family. Our family. Macarrons and Mont blancs. Sauternes and old cheese. Paris and home all year long. Thinking about life and dreaming every night. Kissing and hugging as much as i like. Doing my job right and for that being respected. Walking in Soho and listening to the classics at the park. Learning all new things to teach kids who likes it. Going to the opera and having brunch with caramel rolls and eggs Meurette. Using my hats and reading new books. Playing nintendo and painting the wall. Me and my camera hanging out all day long. Seating at the boulevard and watching people passing by. Being the stranger that nobody knows and eating “moules at frites” with a chilled Bandol. Staying in bed all day long with my love. Leave my body in the sea water untill skin turns old. Hot cocoa and blankets to get rid of the cold and watching Tv when is raining outside.All kinds of music but some cheesy styles. Using my ipod to cut out the world outside. Acid humor and old couples fights. These are a few of my favorite things…