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Today i’ll not write much…Instead i’ll suggest this TED that has a lot to do with my last post and some others on the subject. I hope you all like it.

Today is sunday and in Brasil it means there’s soccer and it also means a lot of fans screaming at each other. A lot of winners making fun of loosers and a lot of people fighting over something that has actually nothing to do with their lives. Facebook and Twitter is full of messages and jokes and some people are drinking at bars to celebrate something which i can’t really grasp. Don’t get me wrong as i like sports and i think is amazing what these guys can do. They are real heroes. The problem for me are the fans with their rockets and horns and their loud voices sometimes very late at night waking people because of their amusement. The problem is the fact that the only subject these people can talk about in parties and at lunch or anywhere you can have a conversation is soccer. Players and games and judges and teams and captains and gols. Wow. These people are so annoying. What to expect from someone that can hurt someone just because the team lost the game? These people get in fights and they hate other people. There’s a big issue between São Paulo (my city) and Rio de Janeiro and that’s because of soccer. There also a big issue between Brasilians and Argetinians for the same reason. That makes me sad. Other things makes me furious like the fact they close one of São Paulo’s main Avenues so hundreds of thousand fans can celebrate on sunday and that’s three blocks from my apartment. I never saw that many people together helping to build houses for the poor or taking care of the homeless. Maybe i’m overreacting and maybe it’s just me but i think it’s wrong.

When i did the documentary about musicians that is on my “what i’m doing at the moment” page i interviewed many musicians and composers and even maestros. One maestro i interviewed was the artistic director of the festival i was in. His name is Roberto Minczuk and he is the Maestro and artistic director of the OSB (Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira) which is an orchestra based in the city of Rio de Janeiro and also the Maestro of the Calgary Philarmonic orchestra. This year a really big situation started to take shape and now they talk about it all over the news. This maestro accepted this job in OSB in a difficult moment of the orchestra. Low salaries and lack of interest from the public were some of the things to be dealt with. Now after some years in the hand of Roberto Minczuk the salaries doubled and the orchestra have much more recognition all over the country. Well…after this first move where he found sponsors for the group and took the rust from the musicians it was time to work on the skills of these musicians. That’s where the problems started. Those musicians were there for a long time already and were never asked to do any kind of improvment. Roberto asked them to do a test. A kind of test that is used to understand the skills of a musician. Most of the musicians decided not to take the test and a battle started. The musicians that didn’t take the test after a long fight over the subject united them selves against the idea and in the end many were fired. It was all a big mess. Messages in facebook gathering musicians from all around the world. Important soloists cancelling their shows in OSB because of the events. I can see they are a really united class but they make me remember the politicians from socialist parties. Always working as a group to pressure the public opinion towards their interests. As if classical musicians that receive seven thousand dollars a month in a third world country should behave as Union workers from steal industry. I’m not here to make a case to Roberto Minczuk and i don’t think that it was good that those musicians were fired. What i do think is that it’s amazing how some groups still acts so against what the rest of the society is going through. What i mean is that i have to learn new stuff everyday and still i’ll get outdated and a kid will take my place. Everybody go through this kind of problem these days. Everybody is really competitive. It’s a dog fight in every corner waiting for you. So how can some expect my sympathy over this attitude of sitting tight on the job doing the least they can to receive their salary and forming groups to stand up against things that are not even an issue anymore? Everybody needs to improve. Why don’t they? It’s a kind of communist thinking that is funny to see today. I’m not evaluating as right or wrong in theory. Just out of place as there’s no room for this in our society. I see everyone out in the rain fighting for so little that it just makes me mad to see that “blaze” way of thinking. It’s really easy to overprice what you do and underprice others. It makes me remember of Fellini’s “Orchestra Rehearsal“. So in my opinion they should be fired and new people. That’s why socialism doesn’t work. If you can’t make more money at least you can work less!!!