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It’s very rare for me to use a topic suggestion for the post a day challenge but sometimes i gotta do it for the sake af writing about demands and other people’s topics. Also this is an interesting question that can define a person’s beliefs so it probably have many answers. For me evil is one of the many faces of our coins. Our human minds imagine reality and the universe and understand it using opposites.  It’s everywhere. Day and night. Young and old. Male and female. Good and evil. Right and wrong. We can not understand one without the other. So evil is the opposite of good. How can one understand good without the existence of evil? How can one value their arms and legs without knowing someone that has no arms or legs? How can one know the value of health without knowing sickness? How can one search for freedom without knowing what it means to be a prisoner ? I believe it’s all part of the same thing. God. That’s what god is for me. It’s everything and everywhere. So as we are all the world are part of god and god is in all of us also evil is part of god. The devil for those who believe’s in it is also part of god. So that’s what i think about evil. It’s the “heads” in one of our many coins where “tails” will be in the other side. I believe in one thing and i believed in it all my life: the most similar thing to any other thing in this universe is it’s own opposite.

Inseparable concepts they are slaved by each other. They are also the big explanation of our universe. The opposites. If you go back to the big bang you will start with nothing, or zero. Just after that motionless, timeless, empty, big nothing you will have an explosion that didn’t stop yet and perhaps if it stops someday it can even grow back to that same moment it started in the first place. But there is a pattern we can see everywhere we look. Maybe because it’s the nature of our minds to understand it that way but everywhere we look we can see the opposites and always zero in the middle of it. Day and night, on and off,young and old, male and female, dark and light, big and small, rich and poor, happiness and sorrow. I really can go on forever with it because there is a real pattern of negatives and positives. That’s how our universe works in our perception. So it’s kind of hard to complain about sadness because without it there would be no happiness. No fat without thin. No old without new. We humans only understand things when we have a comparison to it. So with no death we would probably be unable to define life. With no bad no good. No rich no poor. No day no night. It’s very interesting that these are always opposite parts of the same thing. Darkness is lack of light. Death is lack of life. They all complete each other like positives and negatives. So you must say Good and evil are made from the same. Well…Probably all things are made from the same. That’s why i think Jesus was truly a gifted son of God as we all are. He described pure Quantum physics twenty centuries ago saying he was god, he was the son of god, we are all sons of god, we are all brothers, we are all the same, as the father, the son and the holy ghost are also the same. He was saying it’s all connected somehow and we all belong to the same system that creates the universe. As Carl Sagan used to say “we are Star Stuff”. We are the same things that we see in stars, in darkness, in good, in evil, in life and in death.