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What can be called wrong? What doesn’t fit? What doesn’t belong? i took this shot in Miami january this year…i can’t say it’s wrong. Maybe funny. But for me wrong defines politicians and criminals…lol…and i never photographed either of those two….


Yesterday i had one of the most strange days. It started of sunday with a big allergic reaction. I had really weird spots on my arms and knees. The doctor told me to use two drugs. One was a steroid and the other Benadryl. I know that Benadryl makes me really sleepy but i kinda forgot about it. Also the doctor never mentioned i couldn’t take it with the Xanax i take every night before sleep. I woke up and went to work. I was really late because i had i terrible time trying to wake up. So far i didn’t make any connection with the drugs. I had to go far from my office in a meeting first thing in the morning. Something like 20 milles. In the middle of the way i learned i was totally sedated. Like if i was drunk thinking really slowly. I got what happened and i freaked out. Not a good idea to freak out when you are sedated. After 20 milles of nightmare i arrived at the place and i was in need of at least a couple gallons of water. That’s another side effect i afterworlds learned from the drug label. You can get really dry mouth. Awesome. I didn’t know that. Why i was totally drunk and thirsty talking to a contractor under a really hot sun??? I go back to the office but before i blow my diet for the first time in two and a half months because i had the munchies. I got a couple granola bars and i really large cheese bread and i coke. So silly! When i’m on my way i receive the last call i would like to receive in a situation like that A Conference call! I was about a work and there was a dispute. It would be my duty in this case to solve the dispute in a really political way and make things right. Wow!!! It never happened. I just talked rubbish but i confused everyone so much i was able to fix it afterwords when o got “sober”. That was more of less six hours and 3 thousand calories later. I called the doctor and he  laughed of my story. He said he never understood i was on Xanax. Thanks god i was able to fix everything “almost” and no harm was done. I got home and i thought: How do junkies and drunks get by in life for such a long time??

The act of creating from nothing is known to be exclusive to God. He created the universe and everything in it including us from nothing “creatio ex nihilo“. So if creation is divine why do we call our creations that way. When man created the chair he didn’t worked from nothing. He worked from wood and the need to seat a person. When LSD was created it was the mix of chemicals with the desire to trip without the need to leave the couch. But i believe there’s always something divine about creation and you can hit a certain level of it. That’s why some creations that lack this quality are obvious. Some are better. They are inventive. Some are amazing, almost magical. You really can’t tell where did the creator got the idea from. Even so it does come from things. A painter needs paints, a poet needs pen, a musician needs the instrument. They do it for many needs and reasons. But there are some that are so intense you can feel there’s something else going on in there. When you see a Van Gogh or a Beethoven symphony and you connect with that kind of art if you really follow the creation to it’s full intensity you can forget those are instruments and people singing. You can forget you are looking at paint in a canvas. Those can make you travel closer to the moment of their creation and that’s a whisper from the divine. It doesn’t matter the creed or the god. That’s the beauty of it. You can sense the divine in it. It’s like a little window that was opened briefly. You noticed for sure but you can’t point to it. There’s a bit of devine in all of us because we are part of creation. We are sons of creation. The deep wonderful mystery is how does that happen. What happened in the head and hands of the composer in that moment. Maybe even he doesn’t know. Maybe he thinks it was him self and it was! But that’s the ego’s perspective. Maybe he doesn’t think at all. Some creators were drunk or high or sick when they created many of these masterpieces. Beethoven coudn’t  even hear when he composed the ninth symphony and that’s one of the pieces of art that makes me travel closer to the creation of it. At least that’s my perception. Not that i got close to the deaf and drunk Beethoven at a particular night looking to the streets being himself but i feel like i got closer to the moment. To the spark that collided at a specific moment where the process of this creation took form from nothing and then into a medium which is music. That’s the closer i can get to God.