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I had an incredible chance of getting really close to music in it’s most intimate way. In june of 2009 i was invited to make a documentary feature about the most important music festival of Latin America. Campos do Jordão Winter festival. It was an amazing experience and i still ahve good friends i made there. Great talents. People you pay big bucks to listen to in concert halls around the world. To get intimate with this kind of people is fascinating because they usually use their instruments to comunicate their emotions and not their words. But they are so passionate about what they do they can’t hide anything. They are some of the most generous people i ever met when the subject is music. About other subjects they are not very articulated. Many have family issues and most devoted their entire lives to music. When you think about a rock star you can understand where they get their share and why do they give up so much to do that but concert music takes a little more time to understand. It’s not about fame. Most of them are not known. It’s not about money because it doesn’t pay that much. It’s not about travelling all over because they get stuck in their hotel rooms studying all the time. So what is there for concert musicians to give up their lives and follow their passion for music? An important italian harpist told me something about music: “A painting you see, a sculpture you see, but if i play for you (she play a couple notes) where is it? Its gone”. That’s a big truth about music. When a painter is working he is putting his inspiration on the canvas and we will see it later on. Music is happening right there. You can grasp creation. It’s always in movement as in the words of  T.S. Eliot’s “The Dry Salvages”: “…but you are the music
while the music lasts.”. When it stops it’s gone. So it is as real as the present. As solid as creation can get. That’s why it is the closest we can get to the divine. To the spirit. That’s why these sweet folks gave up everything else. Because every time they play the can witness it. So they follow the music, the movement it creates. Transforming empty rooms in pure emotion and leaving it as empty as before. That’s such a faithful portrait of life it should be considered the ultimate art. A channel to the divine. If you’re not sure about it listen to the ninth symphony. But do it live. Some musicians don have CDs at home because they say that’s not music but only a shadow of it. As the painting hanging on a wall.

Probably some of you guys watched this sad documentary about really very important things. “The gift” talks about a subject that is all around us specially when we start mixing religion and science. More precisely quantum physics. If you want to know what i’m talking about with more details i really recommend “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?“. A much more serious documentary. They both talk about the same subject with very different approaches. “The Gift” unfortunately is really shallow and sometimes even stupid. What they talk about is what in important though. Our universe have only one law that can’t be denied and that rules everything and that’s the law of attraction. Quantum physics are helping us undertand many different ways that law can be applied. If you consider reality only exists when it’s witnessed as colors are only visible with the presence of light you will be able to wonder how do we transform our own reality by building it in our minds first. Even without being an easy test the documentarist give many researches and tests done proving that’s truth. Our reality depends a lot in how do we want to shape it. That means by the law of attraction that if we are negative we are also attracting negativeness into our lives. If we are positive… That happens already on a daily basis in a very easy way to witness. Only it’s very small. With new equipment scientists are finding that our brain is not the same during our lives. The synapses in it changes every time we execute some action. We shape our brain to produce what we want. It’s also proven our eyes can see ten times more stuff that our brain can undertand so we “see” the world only partially. There are many other ways of shaping the reality recognized around us setting up a scenário where the next events will happen and the law of attraction is always there to move whatever we ask our bodies and minds to get closer or far away from us. What does it all mean? That the cheese idea that being positive can result in positive effects may be truth. That people that are negative about everything and never stop complaining about their lives usually have a lot of difficulty to get good things going for them. That those “lucky bastards” that are so annoying because everything in their lives are always well will keep that way. That if you really set your mind to do something you will surely end up getting it or at least getting much closer to it. It’s the law of attraction. The only unquestionable law of our universe.

When i was recording the interviews for my documentary on music there was this teacher from modern music who used a great metaphor to describe the work of the artist.” There is chaos and there is our society. The society constructed during it’s history a big umbrella separating us from chaos. Institutions like church and governments and family and moral codes and fashion and culture. Those are all parts of the umbrella that separate us from chaos. From time to time a mad man show up with a knive and opens up a hole in this umbrella. When he does that society gets exposed to some of this chaos. Soon the institutions go and fix this hole closing this window again. This exposure though hits the society and we have waves created by the original chaos. Each wave is broader and less intense because is already done by these institutions. If for and example Beethoven was this mad man and his music was the glimpse of the chaos he witnessed the movement it created was the romanticism. The composers that embraced romanticism where the first waves created and the more intense ones until all society assimilated this glimpse in a more confortable way. The institutions worked to keep up with beethoven’s innovations until they become tradition as they are today and like that they did it with all the holes all the mad men opened in this umbrella that separates us from chaos.”
I loved this metaphor and to me it really describes art in our society. You always have the ultimate visionary like Van Gogh. Sometimes these are recognized only centuries later on when the dust is already gone and history is more understood. Sometimes they are never recognized and only the next waves are understood. Maybe there was a mad man that opened a hole and what this man saw was passed on to another man that showed to Van Gogh so he would be the third wave in this movement. Nobody can know this for sure but once one of these glimpses are spotted it’s easier to find the sequence that followed it even if was not a first glimpse. So the real question that can not be answered is: Who was the actual mad man? Did we ever knew him? Did the known artists were so original in their work or were they following someone’s steps?And by that i mean someone that could also not been an artist at all. Maybe a scientist or a politician. Maybe an important man or maybe a bum. Just a mad man with a knive that opened a hole in the umbrella showing us the chaos.