Now it’s monday and tomorrow it’s a holiday. It’s time to do nothing. As it’s a little cold it’s time to stay in bed eating ice cream and cookies and making love. Drinking wine and making more love and watching films under our blankets. How few are the days like these and how important is to enjoy these days as much as we can. Lunch tomorrow is already cancelled. We had lunch today with friends and also on saturday. Yesterday was lunch out with more friends. This is all great but nothing tops times like right now. In times like these our minds are at peace and all wonder becomes mute. If not very far away. So today i’ll just leave all of you my friends with no food for thought. Just peace for resting. Let’s put the signs outside our doors: Do not disturb. And let’s not be disturbed about everything that will happen after tomorrow. All the craziness will start again but now that doesn’t matter. All the bills must be paid but not right now. All the promisses must be fulfilled but let’s not care. Let’s look at the lights through the window and feel the humid cold weather. Let’s rest upon the warm bodies from our companions and forget about anything that is not pleasant looking like newborn dogs feeling the sun on their faces. In other words let’s forget our business and remember ourselves the joy of doing absolutely nothing!