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This is the biggest cliche after you get back from the doctor. It’s a kinda regular routine. The doctor tells you “if you don’t stop smoking you will die!” and you get back home willing to change everything in your life. You start exercizing and dieting. Everything is easy because you feel so strong-minded. After a week something happens and all that will fades. It’s like your health is not really important and living with no pleasures is no life at all. I did that a couple times so i know how it goes. This time it was a little different. This time the danger is more concrete. Either i do loose weight and start exercizing or i don’t have much more than five years. As i’m 41 now i really think i’m too young to leave like that. I still have a lot to do and i don’t think five years is enough so i’ll have to do as i was told. Now that’s a tricky thing. How will i be able to do something i was never able before? I was fat my entire life and diet after diet my strengh to push forward vanished a long time ago. Ok. To learn you have no other way out should be enough. I guess and i really hope so but i’m really afraid of what can happen if i’m not able to go all the way and more importantly stay there. To loose weight is one thing but to stay thin is another much more difficult. So you guys know i’m 260 pounds now. I need to get below 180 fast and keep it that way for as long as i live. All i can tell now is that i feel strong and is going easy. But it’s been only three days and i don’t know what’s gonna happen in two months. In a year. I just hope for my own sake that i can do it.

The year is finally ending and promisses for the new year must be made. I could make a list of things here. I could explain the reasons and drives for each of these promisses but i learned a long ago that promisses are only made to be broken. If it’s something you really want there’s no need for promisses. Maybe promisses are made for things you don’t want to do but you must, like diets. Maybe promisses are made for things you have no control of and so you shout out this idea hoping maybe the universe goes your way and decides it all, like when you promisse you will get rich. There are also honest promisses to. Once i did promisse i would stop smoking and i really did. These days i feel i’m much less preoccupied about things like promisses. I don’t get disappointed if someone breaks a promisse. I don’t think less of people who can’t keep their new year’s promisses. The truth about a promisse it this: It’s a trap you get your self in. If you achieve your goal it makes no difference what so ever. If you don’t it makes you believe you lost something. Something you never had at first place is now lost and the only thing you get on this deal is the lower trust on your self you end up with. So the only thing i decided to promisse for next year: I will do my best! That’s something i can live with! Happy new year!