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This week the world was in shock and full of sadness for someone that is remarkable. Steve Jobs is dead. I know there are many more important people in the world but he is someone that really contributed more than the regular guy for sure. And because of his exposure to the media he was really well known and adored. After hearing many conspiracy theories about the fact that important people don’t just die i think his desease and really quiet and noble twilight proves this is all bullshit. If there is a guy in the world today that could have total access to doctors and new technologies to help fighting for survival this guy was Steve Jobs. Yet he died and he was buried in a small ceremony as a normal person with a family would. No cryogenic conservation of his body or any weird thing expected by some. Just a regular guy. This fact alone means a lot. It means he was only a person like everybody else and it means we have in ourselves the tools to be as amazing as he was. It means that during his short lifetime he made so much he will be remembered for some time. And ultimately it means that with the right opportunity and the will to do something a person can go as far as he did without being a superman or someone from out of this world. I think this is a great legacy. The proof that anyone can be someone really special. This commercial from the 90’s showed a lot of hes vision about this matter. I knew it well but never before i heard it in the voice of Jobs himself. I just learned he recorded an option with his own voice. It’s amazing…

I made i little mistake and wrote a really naive comment on Facebook. Something like this ” It’s maybe a little morbid but also a really coherent question…If someone dies and nobody has his password will this person be alive in the facebook forever?”. Ok…i know maybe the question is not so naive but i never imagine that many cases already existed and people i know had experiences with this matter. This is the link if anyone wants to follow but it’s in portuguese… maybe using the translation…i don’t know. The fact is that it happened to a lot of people it seams and Facebook knows well how to deal with it. You can choose the erase the account or leave it open with a note about the death of that person. That leaves also something intriguing. Is it wrong to leave the person on FB after death? Should this be on wills??? It’s even kinda crazy but it’s happening. So what kind of memories should be left for the living? Maybe something for your friends? For your family? Is it depressing or it’s just a new way of doing things? maybe it’s a new way of life spam and that’s how we’ll keep what’s important for a much longer time. Sites with biographies already are offering the chance to “live forever” in the internet. I’m not sure what to make of all this but it seams to be very positive. If we had the chance to revisit the ideas or our ancestors we would know more about our selves.

This Holidays we are spending with my mother in law and we decided it would be about her. No fancy dinners and no big parties. Just us celebrating family. It’s five in the afternoon and soon will be Christmas eve. This uneventful holiday gives a lot of space for the mind to wonder. There are two old men playing sax and Clarinet in the corner just below my apartment. The street is really empty and they are playing for us and for the very few fast paced people running to get things ready for the eve. They are playing “I’m in heaven” now. I can’t help but remember when Christmas was huge. When i was young and it represented a big family meeting with many gifts, toys and food. That was pure joy. Now i realize that Christmas only exists when grandparents are alive. After that, families usually get apart. Inheritance issues, all sort of rivalries and lack of union is what i see around this Holiday. The only safe people are the dead ones. Those we can remember from the good times. The rest mostly doesn’t deserve the honor. Thanks god i’m very close to my parents, my syster and her beautiful family. They are my family together with my wife and my mother in law. Soon kids will come and there will be Christmas again. I just hope my family in this generation stands differently then others. I hope the new families that were born from our own doesn’t brake us apart. I hope to have a different kind of family where Christmas is a big family reunion with no regrets no matter what. We sometimes forget this holiday is about the birth of Jesus and as i recall this wish of mine have a lot to do with his ideas about us all being a big family. So in one hand i lost my big family reunion but in other i gained the hole Mankind and my brothers and sisters. Shame i didn’t realize that back in the old days but i hope soon my big fat merry family Christmas will come. For me the spirit of Christmas means hope. Hope for Goodness. Hope for Joy and family. The other hopes as money and miracle diets are reserved for New year’s eve. A guy just screamed from his window saying “enough with the music”! I hope those two old forks don’t get tired of playing. They may not realize but some are listening. Some still Hope. I hope for a Merry Christmas to you all!