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Ok…Since we are already in a time for big arguments i’ll bring something that is really annoying here in Brasil end probably all over the world. Crime do pay. At least these days. It’s unsettling how many weird stories we read in the paper and how wisted the justice is. There was this case here of a couple that killed their daughter in cold blood for no reason but jealousy. The kid was six and she was trown out the window. The guilty parents got maximum penalty. 30 years in the Brasilian system is the most criminals can get. I may upset you again but i would go for Death penalty. with good behavior they will be free in 10 years… after killing their own daugther. The same with the robbers that didn’t have time to hook of the baby’s seat seatbelt and dragged the baby for twelve blocks. Ten years of paid hotel with food included from my tax money. Sorry human rights people but in my opinion that diminishes my human rights. Everyone’s human rights. It’s only human in the point of view of the crimianals. So the jails are getting really full and “minor” crimes are being dealt with “house detention”. really sad and also scary for one that doesn’t want to commit crimes. Not fare really. Maybe should be more comprehensive but i was already stolen more than six times. One was my car that i never recovered. All with guns. No human rights for me.


I live in a very big city and as any other very big city the number of cars is much higher than i should be. I was going to work today morning and i witnessed a scene that is so common it’s scary. There was no trafic light in this smal street and a car driven by a woman in front of me was trying to turn right into the larger street. His was having a hard time partly because she probably didn’t drive that well and partly because that larger street was really crowded. After some time trying she decide to go for it cutting a bus but with a reasonable distance. The guy driving the bus had at least 30 feet to stop and he was a about ten mph at the most. Even so he continued moving forcing the car on his left to move out of the way. I saw his face and really wandered. It there was no law and no restrains of any kind would he hit the woman’s car. I think maybe he would. I see that kind o attitude in many occasions. The only thing keeping him from doing it is the punishment. How many people didn’t get into fights on even committed crimes just because of the punishment? That makes me wonder. I think of our selves as sophisticated beings on the top of the evolution chain. With invented cures for our selves and the most amazing technology. We are able to love and to tell histories of love. How can we accept that there’s is no moral judgement balancing our everyday activities ?The fact is some people still lack moral sense and ethics and the only thing keeping them in control is the law and the regulations. Common sense is not in place here. That show something is wrong with the model. People are too stressed by this amount of events called modern life and some are not dealing with it in a healthy way. Why are we so late and worried? So repressed? So intensely caged that when there’s a chance we forget our place and turn into the animals that can only relate to instincts? I’ll stop and think twice next time i get angry. I hope you all do the same.