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I made i little mistake and wrote a really naive comment on Facebook. Something like this ” It’s maybe a little morbid but also a really coherent question…If someone dies and nobody has his password will this person be alive in the facebook forever?”. Ok…i know maybe the question is not so naive but i never imagine that many cases already existed and people i know had experiences with this matter. This is the link if anyone wants to follow but it’s in portuguese… maybe using the translation…i don’t know. The fact is that it happened to a lot of people it seams and Facebook knows well how to deal with it. You can choose the erase the account or leave it open with a note about the death of that person. That leaves also something intriguing. Is it wrong to leave the person on FB after death? Should this be on wills??? It’s even kinda crazy but it’s happening. So what kind of memories should be left for the living? Maybe something for your friends? For your family? Is it depressing or it’s just a new way of doing things? maybe it’s a new way of life spam and that’s how we’ll keep what’s important for a much longer time. Sites with biographies already are offering the chance to “live forever” in the internet. I’m not sure what to make of all this but it seams to be very positive. If we had the chance to revisit the ideas or our ancestors we would know more about our selves.

It still amazes me how do we interact with other humans. How we have the same reactions we had when we
where children. Couples are one of the most interesting of these relations. I always had girls as friends. Some guys never believed my friendship with girls could be real and for them i was always looking for them with second intention. I guess my only second intention as a 20’s guy was the fact that they were invited to every great party and they helped me getting in many of those. I will not lie that i felt attracted to a couple of them because i had some really pretty girls as friends but i prefered to keep the friendship. i’m a curious person by nature and i always enjoyed to listen to their side of the story. I have to say they were really helpful and i was an educated guy when women was the subject. That didn’t help me getting into a couple messes though. So by this i can say i heard plenty from both sides and in my point of view nobody is a victim. I heard for a long time girls complaining that there were no single men anymore and a listened to that statement while messages would arrive in their phones asking them to go out in dates at fancy restaurants. They would say these guys were looking only for sex but i would listen to them complaining next week that the guy wouldn’t stop calling and that he was worst than gum to get rid of. The fact is that those girls were looking for a mister nice (nice reads good looking in this case) guy so they could have a lot of fun with them and get dumped (dumped means free in this case) on the next morning. So when the guy started to call like crazy because he could really get interested these girls would freak out. I’m talking about the beginning of the 90’s. Seams to me that things are a little more honest these days. Some girls just tell what they are looking for and guys do the same. Now let’s not forget about us guys so let’s imagine we were that nice looking guy that went out with my friend. In this case we as men were privileged by society and the only part we would have to play in that dinner would be the nice guy. We would lie about our intentions but that’s not actually lying, it’s being romantic. You see the feminin touch. Romance. That’s the perfect hint and excuse the feminin minds gave guys to split after sex. The problem with that is guys don’t act with a plan just like women do so you girls just teach us that we will spend our hole lives leaving next morning. Thanks god and mothers probably but guys can’t live alone for long and i bet you girls know it. So no matter how used a guy is to do the next morning routine he will always be ready to be summoned when he is needed. It would be even easier if we guys were not so afraid of changes. That’s the reason we sometimes take a while to engage. In the end what i learned is that everyone can get involved when they feel like it. The problem with always choosing the “wrong” person is that it is always the perfect choice at the moment. We are looking for a wrong person because we don’t want to go further. Because we want that excuse in the next morning. The only unlucky in this “perfect” system are those who don’t understand these facts and are not clever enough to walk away next morning.
PS: Don’t for a moment think i don’t believe in love but that’s not the subject here.