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What can be called wrong? What doesn’t fit? What doesn’t belong? i took this shot in Miami january this year…i can’t say it’s wrong. Maybe funny. But for me wrong defines politicians and criminals…lol…and i never photographed either of those two….


This week the world was in shock and full of sadness for someone that is remarkable. Steve Jobs is dead. I know there are many more important people in the world but he is someone that really contributed more than the regular guy for sure. And because of his exposure to the media he was really well known and adored. After hearing many conspiracy theories about the fact that important people don’t just die i think his desease and really quiet and noble twilight proves this is all bullshit. If there is a guy in the world today that could have total access to doctors and new technologies to help fighting for survival this guy was Steve Jobs. Yet he died and he was buried in a small ceremony as a normal person with a family would. No cryogenic conservation of his body or any weird thing expected by some. Just a regular guy. This fact alone means a lot. It means he was only a person like everybody else and it means we have in ourselves the tools to be as amazing as he was. It means that during his short lifetime he made so much he will be remembered for some time. And ultimately it means that with the right opportunity and the will to do something a person can go as far as he did without being a superman or someone from out of this world. I think this is a great legacy. The proof that anyone can be someone really special. This commercial from the 90’s showed a lot of hes vision about this matter. I knew it well but never before i heard it in the voice of Jobs himself. I just learned he recorded an option with his own voice. It’s amazing…

I don’t know how did it get this way but everything is so fast and everybody is so busy that sometimes i can’t even tell what day of the week it is. So more than ever the good old Friday is really Shangri-la. We arrive home with our feet sore and our minds spinning. It starts the process of slowing down. It starts the process of becomming a husband again and maybe even take my wife on a date. What is hard is to find energy to do that. The bars are all packed and the traffic is crazy. Everyone wants to get home for the weekend. It’s time to start to remember i’m not exercizing and i’m not eating well either. It’s time to remember i gotta take care of myself. So making plans for next week is in order. Time to remember of our parents and the fact we have to see them more often. It’s so unfair when we don’t have the weekend of. I think we really need this time of the week to recharge and get ready for a new one. Lately i’m forcing my self to think about long term. I’m using my weekend to do something i can’t during the week. To be able to look for the whole year and the whole month and the whole life. To understand if i’m late or maybe going the wrong direction.