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Last week i was in an interesting event. My father asked me to film the celebration of 45 years from graduation of his class. Also they were making a homage to two class mates. The supreme court’s president and vice president from São Paulo. It’s a rare thing to have the two most important positions in law occupied by two people from the same class. No need to say my father was in law. He worked in the field as a lawyer for ten years but after he got some money he changed his focus to business. It was a really interesting event to be attended. A lot of joy from old friends created the mood but for someone from outside that sphere there was something more enchanting to notice. As they were celebrating 45 years of graduation most there would have 70 years or more. As one of the classmates mentioned in his speech “they are in the autunm of their carriers”. So there they were in the end of their race looking at each other. Trying to learn what happened with the others or maybe avoiding it. One could notice some got rich and some didn’t. Some got powerful and other didn’t. Some looked really old and others didn’t. Some were not there anymore. Many died. But who got what they were looking for in their carriers? Who was there with a strong fire in the eyes with no worries about how did the other go and satisfied with the journey? I can say it was impossible to say. If the richer were happier. If the better looking had a better life. I looked at that group and imagined my self in their positions. It kind of scares me. What will i think of my life when i’ve already lived it?


I believe there are many kinds of people in this world. I’m a learner. I came to this life to learn and that is probably the only part of my personality that is intact from my first memory till now. I know some of you will say everybody is constantly learning but i’m not talking about this. What i mean is that some people are fighters for nature. They love to engage and are proud of winning a battle. Some people are seducers. They live to achieve success in gathering a big court around them. There are the workers. They love to produce and doing so spending their days building things like ants. That’s what i mean when i say i’m a learner. I produce and i seduce and i fight as well. Everybody does but my drive is to learn. It’s something that excites me. So i will be that person in a party that likes to stay outside of the group paying attention to what is happening and i will love Salinger’s book because i remembers me of my self. I love photography and my photos have people i don’t know and many have no people at all. I love to read technical books and learn new stuff and anything i can do my self i will prefer over something already done. I’m not talking about furniture but gadgets and finding new use to things. I’m 42 and i still do that stuff. Other aspect of this drive of mine is that i love to spend my time in bookstores and museums and movies and when i go out i’ll go to a show and not to a party. I spend my money travelling and i don’t like to repeat the places i go. Only NY but that’s a new place every time you go there. So i live like a voyeur watching and learning and registering and learning and reading and learning and listening and learning and so on and on. What about you? What is your drive?