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Please i need help tp understand this. And i know i’ll not get that help because as it is a question with unkown answer people can only guess and give opinions. Why do i see repeated numbers more than i should? More than most people do? It can sound weird but i swear that sometimes it goes on for days. I look at the clock and it’s 11:11 and someone call me and the number is 33331111 and the adress number is 222 and the day if i have courage enough to look will be 11/11 … Come on! I already imagined it could be a kind of sign. But sign of what? I could never relate patterns of any kind during days like these. By the way i started writing this because the clock was showing 22:22 and guess what. I just saw the date and today is 22!!! I swear i was not thinking about it when i started writing… If i order pizza it will be 22 bucks for sure. I’m not sure if it’s good luck or bad luck. Some told me it’s because i’m syncronized with the energy that surrounds us. I’m not sure if i buy that. Coincidence? It can be but i never made one buck on the lotto so that just happens to intrigue me. The universe is conspiring of intriguing me? There’s a better explanation or at least one i think is more reasonable: Somehow we are always looking or counting in a subconscient level. Our eyes are registering but we really don’t pay attention. If we get suggested on findind these repeated numbers we will find them as once we think about buying a certain car we see many more of those at the street. As if we remember of a place we decide to travel to and we discover many friends already been there. Those are not necessarely coincidences. Some believe these infos are processed on your brain all the time and you don’t think about it. It’s all processing on the background of our minds. I really hope that’s the answer. It’s something really spooky!!

I just had the most magnificent visual trip and i want to share with you. It’s legal to watch it so it’s legal to share. The film from director Gaspar Noe (Irreversible) is the most edgy experience one can have in cinema. The idea seams unreal. How to radically show the story of an outer body after death experience? Look impossible to be done interestingly enough. Either you think of cheesy images with ugly vignette effects on the corners or you think about something cameras don’t do. That’s what the director went after. The film really looks like a bad trip and it’s very intense in all manners. The story is violent and depressing, the camera makes you sick and the pace makes you think many times during the film “am i high???”  or “is this right??” or “is this real life?”. Even so it is that good and that’s because for those about movies it’s been a long time since filmmakers don’t dare much. Don’t try to push the limits. Filmmakers are loosing relevance because these days kids can have access to film tools and do great jobs. In this era more than ever filmmakers need to push the media further on and in this era filmmakers are lasier than ever before. It needs vision and no worries towars criticism if someone wants to travel this journey and mister Noe did it so deeply that result is not for everyone. It need courage from the viewer too or one should find the piece just plain wierd. I never saw outer body experiences like this one and after seeing it i can say it’s the best way one can do it. It’s so real it’s scary to look without thinking about death and spirit. Ride this one if you have the guts!