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There’s this kinda old concept. The idea is that if you try the same operation in a computer many times eventually this operation will have a different result. It’s really hard to understand how does that happens but it does. There’s actually no logical explanation. There’s only a theory and a legend. The theory says that it is an error very possible in a statistic point of view. Legend says that it is a little demonstration of life. Some say life is no more than complexity and what we can just feel but can’t explain in our mind is no different than any other connection in this universe. It’s just a very complex one. So if computers can get complex enough they will be able to fool themselves into believing they are living creatures with purpose and spirit. Atoms got together into molecules. Molecules into cells. Cells into tissues. Tissues into organs. Organs into bodies. Each of these steps with gazilions of lesser results but a couple of good possibilities waiting to find other good possibilities. When everything goes well we have what is called evolution. That can happen with any kind of system from organic bodies like us to eletronic structures like computers. Some believe that little achievements can have great impact and be called evolutionary. We don’t know yet which event can be called evolutionary but computers are around only for 60 years or so. We can imagine that as the phase of atoms and cells. In human evolution that took millions of years but probably in computers it will take much less. So maybe in our lifetime we will witness cells being created or even tissue. Maybe the next time your computer behave in a strange way it’s not just a failure. It’s a sign of life.

Who’s afraid of the tube?? Firstly what does it mean these days?? When i was a kid there was this fear of television. It could ruin your brains if you spent too much time in front of it. Even so all the kids came back from school and stayed all day long watching cartoons and eating on the couch in front of the Tv. My mom used to say Tv rays could give cancer. Now i know that the truth is that Tv is a time waste and it really can ruin your life but just if you spend all of it watching your favorite shows. By the way people that watches too much Tv don’t have favorite shows. They just use Tv for hypnosis. They turn off the world outside and get inside the message on TV. That way everything will be alright. Today we are facing different times with different problems. Tv is less used than before but just because kids found another much more addictive tube. With the internet we changed our lifestyle so fast that in fifteen years the time of exposure dropped to half on Tv and in other hand now it’s accepted for a kid to spend eight hours on the internet. Twenty years ago if the internet pioneers knew this they would probably decide not to have kids but today it’s normal. Computers are really very useful. Many things we had to do in the past are resolved in computers with much less effort and also things that where not possible now are piece of cake. Well… That’s the problem. I worked with post production in Tv for ten years in a major time of change for post houses. In the middle of the nineties solutions that would cost two million dollars would cost twenty thousand ten years after that. All the game changed and that’s awesome but that’s kinda oversimplifying. In order to completely change in these ten years it had thousands of small changes in the meantime. What we professionals learned with this new computer wave it that we would better ourselves during whole years but in the end we were not better. We were just updated. So many softwares with so many versions. All of them great tools that all of us would need to learn and don’t get me wrong. I love tool. All people from post production are gadgets maniacs but the point is: if you are doing art direction in post for an example we need to learn art and not software. An editor have to learn the art of editing and not the next version of final cut. What happens with this is that the other and more important characteristics of the profession get seconded by this need to update!
That’s the reason art direction is getting more and more shallow in most places. And if we apply this concern in kids education and lives we will end up understanding computers are taking so much of their time that they may end up living less experiences in this real world outside the tube and any kind of wisdom comes from experience and living. So now guess what: i’m afraid of having kids!