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Great challenge!! Not an easy one. Representing community is not a casual task. I’ll try with two shots.

The first one is from “the miracle cave”. A Small cave in the country side of a less developed state from Brasil. People believe miracles happen inside it so there are thousands of believers that travels many days to get there. They hang pictures and objects on it’s walls from relatives or friends with some kind of sickness or trouble.It’s an amazing and disturbing view. It has to do with a community faith and way of live.



The second is an area in Berlin on the canals where people go to drink and meet. It’s an amazing and unusual place for the summer with many bars by the water one next to the other. People gather and have fun in a very cool way.


Last week i started to watch a TV series called “Community” and i really enjoyed. It’s a comedy about a group of people that gets into community college and end up sounding a lot like ” The breakfast club “. I really needed a new Tv show but what happened next was too much. I started watching four or five episodes a day al least and i’m almost done with the two existing seasons. The worst is that i can see a pattern here. It’s not the first time i do things that way. Most of the times when i get really into something it becomes compulsive. I’m not sure if this is normal these days where we have to stuff ourselves very fast with every kind of things so we keep up or if it’s something that has to do with people like me. Compulsive people. Obese and alcoholics and workaholic and sex addicts. The good thing about aging is that you learn to recognize your own patterns so today i can stop my own compulsive behavior. At least for new kinds of issue. The problems are the old habits. As they say: “Old habits are hard to break” and the reason is the same as the one for compulsive behavior. Repetition. We have a way of learning thing in this world and it’s by repetition. The hunger to discover and learn can be destructive when not controlled and the way to control it is to learn to focus and to breath and to be able to analise one’s own patterns and compulsiveness. It’s great to be interested in all that surrounds us but in today’s world were there is too much information we gotta be selective. Now it’s the time to choose and to focus and more importantly understanding when something is addictive. Less is more guys.