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Please i need help tp understand this. And i know i’ll not get that help because as it is a question with unkown answer people can only guess and give opinions. Why do i see repeated numbers more than i should? More than most people do? It can sound weird but i swear that sometimes it goes on for days. I look at the clock and it’s 11:11 and someone call me and the number is 33331111 and the adress number is 222 and the day if i have courage enough to look will be 11/11 … Come on! I already imagined it could be a kind of sign. But sign of what? I could never relate patterns of any kind during days like these. By the way i started writing this because the clock was showing 22:22 and guess what. I just saw the date and today is 22!!! I swear i was not thinking about it when i started writing… If i order pizza it will be 22 bucks for sure. I’m not sure if it’s good luck or bad luck. Some told me it’s because i’m syncronized with the energy that surrounds us. I’m not sure if i buy that. Coincidence? It can be but i never made one buck on the lotto so that just happens to intrigue me. The universe is conspiring of intriguing me? There’s a better explanation or at least one i think is more reasonable: Somehow we are always looking or counting in a subconscient level. Our eyes are registering but we really don’t pay attention. If we get suggested on findind these repeated numbers we will find them as once we think about buying a certain car we see many more of those at the street. As if we remember of a place we decide to travel to and we discover many friends already been there. Those are not necessarely coincidences. Some believe these infos are processed on your brain all the time and you don’t think about it. It’s all processing on the background of our minds. I really hope that’s the answer. It’s something really spooky!!

Some say dreams are the mind interpretation of our current event. Others say it’s the reboot of the brain and it’s cleaning system. Other says it’s were we can see the future and the past. Orpheus was always a wonder subject in all cultures. We still don’t understand all the reasons involved in our dreams. Scientists can explain some neurological aspects and spiritualists try to guess but there’s no complete version of it. Nobody knows. I can tell from my own experience that i already had a dream of things to come. And things came. Maybe it was just a coincidence but i rarely remember my dreams and that one woke me up. Six months later i learned a really big healthy issue that is resolved right now but had no way to be mistaken by any other event. Still that was the only time it happened and that can’t prove anything. Maybe there’s a quantic explanation saying that the power of that dream could materialize the event afterwords. Who knows. Freud said dreams are the interpretations of our desires and fears. But some dreams are so confusing. It’s kinda hard to accept this theory. Maybe it’s a channel to the divine. Maybe there’s something else out there and the way we communicate with it is in our dreams. All we know is that Mr. Sandman’s realms are still a mystery too good to be solved.

I work in a creative market and people use to say that if you have an idea you better doit or someone else will. They are not talking about ideas being stolen . Many times in everyone’s lives we witnessed this phenomena. Ideas that are almost the same popping out at the same time from differente places. Who invented the airplane? You can find many debates because the fact happened in many parts of the world almost at the same time. Who invented the idea of social network? That’s even harder. What will they say in the future about this? The fact is: as more informations are shared all around the planet the more synchronized is the collective consciousness and soon will be nearly impossible to track authorship. As a matter of fact the author will eventually become a thing of the past is things get any faster. Every idea seams to be done in collaboration. What seams really interesting to me is the mechanism of collective consciousness. Are the triggers in our heads that similar that working with the same info will generate the same ideas so many times is becomes collective? Or there’s an exchange of thoughts happening all around us? I believe it’s something like the last option and i go even further. I’m believe in “life” after death. As everything in the universe we don’t just cease to exist. Everything transforms and so do we. Our bodies turns into nutrients for the earth and water. Our thoughts turns into fragments of this collective soul. It’s my personal explanation for the possibility of psychography that some spiritist can perform or any event where a living person seams to get contact with the deceased. For me there’s a field where all these minds functioning together with all living minds create a kind of common sense of things and evolutes to what we can call creation. I paint and it’s the form of art that works deeper in me. When o do anything else my process is to imagine something and then execute it the closer i can to what i imagined. With painting i just can’t do it. I start with something already subjective because my painting is abstract but most of the times i finish it in a way i never imagined when i started. It’s almost as if i was guided to do it. I’m not saying this was done by other minds but i believe there are influences and the more open you are for if the more they happen. You can ask anybody from art the amount if coincidences usually happens in their processes. I just attended a lecture from an important biographer and that was the biggest subject of the evening. The coincidences. The interesting thing is that everybody in the audience agreed and related with it. It is a constant. These are some “evidences” that makes me believe in a collective soul and a collective consciousness in a not very academic way. You may not believe in it but then again faith is a very personal thing.