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I never imagined that it could exist someone in this planet that don’t get moved by music. Who only turn on a radio to listen to the news. Who have no CDs and who cannot name more than a couple songs with enthusiasm. I met someone like that today and i can say it was a really great guy. The only strange thing was this. It’s not that he hates lasagna or chocolate or soccer or that he digs politicians or banks. He just don’t care about music. As he explain himself he says music is not mandatory in life. You dont need it to live and you can have fun with other things. He enjoys books for an example. It’s really truth what he says but still it sounds so strange. I was made to believe that with no music our lives has no inspiration. That we respond to music in a way that is so instictive that if we don’t have it ever we can loose motivation. I tried to wonder how it would be if i didn’t know any song at all but i have to say can’t grasp the feeling. My mind is too impregnated with music and sounds. But even if i don’t emotionally understand i have to say i totally understand logically and that makes me think that we are all really different and once we learn that and learn how to respect that everything is much easier.

I dont wanna be a party pooper but i really want to learn other folk’s opinions over the topics that are presented to us on daily basis by the fellows at daily post. It’s not that all ideas are bad or anything. Maybe just having the same ideas for everybody is not what writing is supposed to be. As i understand we are here to tell and read tales from our own experience and our visions of the world. Choosing themes is like turning writing into a task. I know for some maybe it’s an incentive to keep writing everyday but writing everyday is only good if your have stuff to write everyday. I signed up for this which is already a task. The “postaday2011” for me is good for discipline but already sometimes makes me feel like i’m only doing it for the task. It’s clear to me and to the readers. In these days i also gave my best but the need to write and the spark to do so was not there. I can see that in my statistics. Viewers drop to half at least. It means maybe the message i’m delivering is not that important anymore. I’ll keep doing the postaday thing but i’ll never be able to work with the topics. I tried but those were not very good posts. For those who likes the ideas posted on the daily post i can only say that i admire and respect you guys. I’m just not able to create that well on those handed subjects. Some of them are great and i can work with the photos ideas but themes like today’s “chocolate or vanilla” don’t help me much. I could write about it but instead i prefer to ask your opinions on this whole topic thing.

Why the same things that make our lives great are the ones that can make it miserable? Family, love, kids, music, poetry, alcohol, drugs, job, money, therapy, power, chocolate, burgers and many others. Sometimes we look our selves in the mirror and we like what we see but in just a moment it can all turn around and we can realize it’s all wrong. The nurturing of our minds is a matter of survival. It may sound stupid but they can turn against us and ruin everything. The great daddy can become a boring old looser, love can be questioned, your children can turn against you, poetry can sound depressing and so on. You can be positive or negative about almost anything and any subject. A friend of mine told me today the first moment she had a panic attack in her life. She was at her house just wondering about stuff when she decided to look herself at the mirror. She realized she was older but she did look great. Everything in place and still hot. Her eyes were really beautifully colored like an emerald. Somewhere in her mind she realized her mind was trapped in the back of her eyes. She could not see but through her own eyes. That’s all she needed at that moment. It took six years of Lexapro and Xanax to put her back on track. So i think that at the same time you need many things to make you feel good you need only your mind. It’s like we focus our happiness on stuff just as we believe a rabbit’s foot can give us luck. The reality though is that we don’t need anything because we produce our passions inside our guts and there’s nothing that can persuade us agains’t it if we decide it so. So is true that the best things in life are for free. You can have all the stuff that you want and be miserable about it or maybe lucky and happy about it. You can be a godess and feel horrible or great. You can have nothing and feel free or stuck. Those are tricks from our minds to remember us the really important things. To show us if the decisions are right or wrong. To define us. And there’s no material possession that can fill this hole. You can keep buying and receiving and wining and gaining but you will not find your answer there. Your answer is inside you. It is you.