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Families are so beautiful!!! I’m all for it and i’m really lucky with mine. By that i mean my parents and my only sister. The rest is like most families. People that don’t like each other much and have to hang out at christmas time. So let’s start with my nephews…This shot i took 5 years ago show them as kids they are not anymore. Now they don’t believe in santa…


Wow… This is a challenge full of “possibilities” !! I really see a possibility in everything thing around me but let’s stay with the briefing and let’s think about possibility as being a “door” to somewhere else. To a new possible. I believe ideas can also play this role but it’s kinda hard to represent on images. So to start as close to the subjectivity of the theme i’ll show you the possibility hidden in the other side of the mirror. The world we will never set feet on and the only thing we can do about it is hold to the idea that this world is just a reflexion of this one… by the way this photo shows me back there taking the shot. It’s in chicago millenium park and this reflexion was produced by  Anish Kappor’s famous sculpture


I was thinking about starting these lists. Sometimes i love to read them but they don’t seam really hard to do until you try it. Just the theme was enough to make me come up with this one. I guess making lists it’s a gift not all of us humans do have and maybe that’s why “High Fidelity” has so many fans and not just because of John Cusack. Well… at last i ended up with a subject so lets try but if i do this i hope at least some of you give me ideas of answers you would write in here if that was your list:

10: Trying to write a 10’s list when that’s not your thing.
9: Witnessing all lines in the market being served when yours just won’t move.
8: Getting into an elevator that was just infected by a terrible fart .
7: Being silently accused by the person that gets into the elevator two floors after you.
6: Learning your friend just ate that slice of pizza you left there for the next morning.
5: Trying to fly from Chicago in a bad weather day.
4: Being confused with your girlfriend’s ex by her mom.
3: Dropping your new iphone on the pond when trying to answer your mom’s eleventh call of the morning.
2: Learning your luggage is in Bhutan and you are in Rio de Janeiro.
1: Try to drive in a city like mine.

There you go… now i’m waiting on your ways guys….