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And i keep posting photos as nobody else had nothing better to do… but it’s too much fun!!! I love photos…lol… this is the spiderman and he was cleaning the facade of the building i live on… he was always looking down…nobody told him it’s a bad idea to look down in these situations???

And now for a more dreamy sunset here is the shame of my city. This building is a government one. It was like that for more than 20 years because some governor started and the next one decided to stop it and so on and so one. Two years ago someone decided to sell it to the private sector and finally it was finished…


Ok. A new shot for this week’s challenge. And it’s not just about the building but also about this culture of breaking what is older to build something new on the same spot. I love what they do in Europe where everything is reused and old buildings give the cities a charm of it’s own. Cities with only new buildings have no identity. I shot this in Miami 4 or 5 years ago.