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Grand… I usually tend to look for amazing little things that makes life wonderful and interesting. I’m not much into Grandeur…

Anyway not as a photographer but as a tourist i witnessed many things that can receive this title. Let’s see:

1: Pyramid of the sun seen from the pyramid of the moon in TEOTIHUACAN, close to Mexico city…I guess that fits the description.


2: A giant ship leaving the port of Miami. Notice it’s higher than the buildings. There, people on the porch can witness a bigger building moving through the water toward the sea.


3: The Rockefeller center christmas tree being assembled.


4: Amazing sand sculpture in Berlin, Germany….


5: The “Colón” Opera House in Buenos Aires…said to be one of the biggest of the world.


6: and i finish it with a bit of my country’s carnival. The biggest popular celebration of the world. This is a parade in my city. They happen in most big cities for 2 days…In these 2 days, 20 samba schools have one hour to perform the parade. Mine city is a big one so there’s a preliminar stage to find the 20 schools that will parade on carnival.


Ok…I know i was in Buenos Aires the land of tango and maybe these things are supposed to be common…but i was surprised by this couple that was dancing in the street just like the music…lol… great holidays to you all my friends from wordpress!!!



The foreign for me is always welcoming. I love to travel and to see different cultures and images. This shot was done in “el caminito” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the colors and the way they deal with it in their everyday life…