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Well…in this one i’ll not subvert or deflect…Instead i’ll bring a joyous memory on the subject…Me and my wife having a lovely brunch at the Balthazar in NYC…This basket of bread was simply unbelievable…and the day was a great one… why mornings usually brings great memories?? Probably because we are alive to see another day 🙂



Wow…what an amazing challenge. I don’t take many photos from what i eat but i’ll be able to post the bread basket from Balthazar in NY. The brunch i love the most. I took this shot a couple years ago but always i’m in NY i ask for this basket and a Mimosa and eggs Meurette. In can’t get better than that EVER!!! lol


I was watching this show by Oliver where he tries to change food habits inside schools in the US. I already wrote about the food issue but i think he does a much better job. The idea of going to schools and giving the kids the correct kind of food can make all the difference. The interesting thing in the show is the amount of negative response he gets trying to put his ideas in action. People are really upset when he arrives into school’s kitchens. The kooks were probably in a confortable position for a long time and the food they served was the same for a long time. I would hate for a foreigner to arrive in my kitchen and start telling me what to do but then i watched the whole show i got pretty scared about some facts. I saw five years old kids having pizza for breakfast and that was totally for real. I saw how they do mash potatoes that has a lot of stuff but potatoes in the mix cooks receive from big factories. Fries are the most common food for teens in schools and people gets really annoyed when they are asked to change the menu in their schools. Anyway it’s probably a major show and people in america knows all this but for me here in Brasil it was a shock. Everybody talks about the way people eats in the US but i never knew it started at school. I know as a kid my mom always annoyed me about eating my salad and veggies and fruits. Just giving us pops on weekends and never giving desert for the kid that didn’t finish the meal. I guessed it was the same all around and we as individuals chose the wrong way of eating by ourselves. that’s what impressed me a lot. With all the info about how junk food can kill people from heart deseases, cancer, diabetes and other how parents accepts that their kids get used to eat junk in their schools which is the place they were supposed to take their education from. That’s a really wrong eating education and it’s very understandable why the eating disorders are so popular nowadays. I asked some moms my age and it seams this is not an Us issue but a global one. Looks like today everyone is obligated to pursue joy and happiness with no limits and to use any kind of restrain in this kind of education can be really unpopular. So children eat much more junk food because they want it and the power of “wanting” something these days and the right to receive what we want is so valued that nobody will discuss. If you want it you get it and it doesn’t matter if it’s bad for you or if you would need to learn better to decide. All of that has to do with the need for growing consumption our society have so it’s kinda hard to believe that’s going to change. What i see is a really obese future to all of us among other things.