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Well…in this one i’ll not subvert or deflect…Instead i’ll bring a joyous memory on the subject…Me and my wife having a lovely brunch at the Balthazar in NYC…This basket of bread was simply unbelievable…and the day was a great one… why mornings usually brings great memories?? Probably because we are alive to see another day 🙂



I’m not very ambitious but i had to learn during life you gotta be at least a little bit. The size of your dreams will project the space you own in this society. So i had to be ambitious in sections. For one example i tried to be the best professional i could even though i don’t care a lot for money. I gotta say that the result of this is that i’m really well positioned in the market i work on but i have no savings. Go figure.
If i had to blame someone for that anti ambition obsession would have to be the catholic church. Countries with a strong church usually have it’s society selling the idea that ambition is wrong and poverty leads to purity. Money is dirt. That was preached during my childhood. What i learned after a lot of banging my head around is defined by an old jew’s frase i listened a couple years ago: ” What has no price has no value”
Though i don’t believe in this entirely is part of the truth and more importantly our value has to be set by our selves. Nobody will give us the value we have. It’s a matter of survival. Others will try to put the same show we do so they will sell their value to us. So please don’t be ashamed and put your price. others will and if you give yourself for free people will accept it gladly. That’s what i learned. So now i charge. I charge because others do to and they are right doing it and we are not Jesus Christ and we can’t multiply bread. So after all we gotta have payment for our efforts because that’s the way our society exchanges everything. The only alternative for working for money is working for free and don’t kid yourself: It’s working anyway. It’s just cheaper.

Cosmopolitan martinis and big fat lips. New York City and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. Polo shirts and a pair of old jeans. These are a few of my favorite things. Green eyes and fast cars. Lazy sunny fields. My feet on the sand and the ocean quite near. You and me and all our friends laughing and dancing and just having fun. My family and your family. Our family. Macarrons and Mont blancs. Sauternes and old cheese. Paris and home all year long. Thinking about life and dreaming every night. Kissing and hugging as much as i like. Doing my job right and for that being respected. Walking in Soho and listening to the classics at the park. Learning all new things to teach kids who likes it. Going to the opera and having brunch with caramel rolls and eggs Meurette. Using my hats and reading new books. Playing nintendo and painting the wall. Me and my camera hanging out all day long. Seating at the boulevard and watching people passing by. Being the stranger that nobody knows and eating “moules at frites” with a chilled Bandol. Staying in bed all day long with my love. Leave my body in the sea water untill skin turns old. Hot cocoa and blankets to get rid of the cold and watching Tv when is raining outside.All kinds of music but some cheesy styles. Using my ipod to cut out the world outside. Acid humor and old couples fights. These are a few of my favorite things…