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Reflection is one of the greatest qualities from the light/matter combination. The raw materials of photography and optics in general. I just love the effects one can get out of it. In this shot i found this fish market flooded by the sea and it was fun to imagine the guy trying to take that bike anywhere. So it looks like it was made to be there for eternity.



That’s a great subject. Regret can be translated in many different ways and it’s an interesting way of approaching the photo challenge. To start i’ll use i shot i did today. The rain was so strong that the street where i work was under water. This genius decided that the only drier place to walk he could find would be the middle of the street. The higher ground. He just didn’t realize that when a car or a motorcycle decides to move they use the street to do it!! At least he only got wet but i bet he regret his decision of walking in the middle of the street…

Changing the approach now let’s think about how unique our faces are. People even use it to be recognized by saints as these in the photograph. It’s part of a cave in Bahia where they go to ask for miracles. They leave photographs with the face of those in need. They also leave things that belong to these people. Do saints know humans by looking at their face??