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Something interesting happened this week here in Brasil. Some of you may enjoy reality shows. I find some interesting and some annoying but the one i’ll talk about is a really bad one. Supposed to be the father of all reality shows the Big brother had a really successful carrier all over the world and specially in Brasil. In it’s 12 edition the show is the most watched show all over the country. All these explanations so you can get my point. Last week something really absurd happened. I saw news over the web about a video from the night before. If some don’t know about Big brother the put more or less a dozen people in a house for three months or so. Each week one is voted to leave the house. The last person in the house wins around a million bucks. More than 200 cameras film these people 24/7 and the audience seams to get interested in watching this. So there was a video and something bad happened in it. I saw the video out of curiosity and it was like this: Girl and boy go to room. She is really drunk and he is not much. The infrared cameras see it all. They lay under the mattress and kiss twice. She says she don’t want it and pull him away. She is really drunk. After a couple minutes she stop moving. She passed out. The guy gets closer and start moving under the mattress. It’s clear what he is doing on the major network of a almost 200 million people’s country. He is raping her. I was so shocked i started looking all over the web “demanding” an attitude from the TV station. Nothing. I got desperate. Is it possible it will just pass by as nothing happened? Next morning i looked again and some things happened. The TV station and it’s partner google took the footage i saw from youtube. Next night the show mentioned something about the “lovebirds” leading people to believe it was something else. Only the beginning of the video was showed when the girl was still awake. In older days this would go as i’m telling you guys and as we say here in Brasil it would all end in “pizza”!! Nothing would be done. So this morning after posting in twitter and facebook all i could on the case i decide to write a post called “when the law is no more”. That tittle was about my indignation towards the law these days. It’s too subjective. If you have money enough you can kill and get away with it easy. If you have none you will go to jail for shoplifting medicine even if you are an old man in need. I know i case just like that. A TV station can decide to get away with rape and nobody can do something about it and so it goes. That was my tittle and 10 years about that would be my post. Not much has changed. The rich still have a different way to deal with the law. The powerful can do mostly anything. But something changed. Just a bit. And i think it’s amazing and this story proved that to me. As myself thousands of other people in twitter and facebook complained about this fact. As i understood the news the TV station was really happy because they were gaining a lot of notice on the web and the show would probably be even more powerful. The director of the show mentioned those were racist comments because the guy was black!!! He could be green and nothing would have changed!! The guy raped a girl in national TV!! Probably this thing about racism was well thought by a group of public relation guys. Probably the lawyers were all in hand. But a couple hours ago i got the news i had to change my tittle and what i did was to put an interrogation mark. Something good happened. The police invaded the TV station and asked to hear the two involved right away. There was a fuzz and the show was off the air. The news just mentioned that the guy was disqualified and would have to leave the show. After that the guy would be questioned by the cops. Not because of the TV station but because of the thousands of people complains on the web. Somehow this lobby made the difference in this case. Somehow it gave me a little taste of the “power emanated from the people”. People were heard and someone took action over it. People with no money got what they think it was fair and the TV station have to give with no way out. So maybe there’s a channel here. If well used it could help our voices to be heard even in this world where the law “is no more”???

Today i was watching Tv and that’s something i do once in a week at the most. Usually i prefer a DVD or Internet. I was watching it today because the subject was wierder than usual. The show was the Big Brother Brasil. It a reality show most countries already had the opportunity to have in one or two editions. In Brasil the show is in it’s eleventh edition in the most expensive airtime on brazilian Tv with something like 20 million viewers per episode. In this edition seventeen people were in the house and if you don’t know each week one person has to leave.Today it was elimination day and one of the tree selected players was a transexual named Ariadna. The public decided by more than fifty percent and the transexual was out of the game. I’m not sure why did the public react this way but i would like to point a few things. When the show started lest week it was said a transexual was going to participate and it was asked him/her not to tell the other participants and to act like a regular girl. And that’s what happened. The public knew something the participants didn’t. As the days went by Ariadna kissed and flirted but already in the first week was selected by the other participants to the first public voting. As he/she left the house only his/her ex. was waiting as the family said they have nothing to do with Ariadna. The ex. asked not to be show in Tv. He didn’t feel confortable with the situation. After this circus i got a little seek. Maybe i’m conservative. I don’t know. What i think i know goes like this: Nobody had the right to intentionally force a situation of deception like that with no punishment and the brazilian Tv channel Globo should not be different. Also to display such an easy target as this transexual to get viewers attention is disgusting. We had to witness the deception and the sad truth of his/her controversial life where people don’t want do be recognized as his/her partner/family/friend. it was like one of those oddities circus and i never liked those kinds of places. To explore the unfortunate side of human life is always disturbing. I know sometimes it helps Tv stations but this time it seamed to cause aversion on the public. If they were interested in this freak show they would vote for Ariadna to stay. Now what scares me is how far the people behind this show would go for greed. How exposed and how cheap human beings are these days. How twisted are the values where this person accept to participate in it and how the station accepts to display it like this. It was a sad show.