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We live in a world with lots of differences. People are dying of poverty by the millions while other people are feasting in fancy hotels in Europe and Asia. People are suffering for not been able to afford dental treatment while people are spending hundreds of thousands in a new shining smile. That’s the world. I know it can get a lot better but i also know it was a lot worst. At times slavery was common. At times killing with no reason was acceptable. It sounds like the world we live in now, right? Look up in history and you will see it was a lot worst. Our life expectancy is proof of that. This is already subject for a lot of arguments but this is not the main subject here. The main subject maybe has to do with the fact things doesn’t get even better. Much better. And the answer is my subject:

The more pleasing to the eyes seams to get a better place in the sun. It’s everywhere and it probably has something to do with “survival of the fittest” as it has to do with a very nazi concept of purity but the fact is that it is there as strong as ever or even more. We try to fill these gaps by trying to improve our social behavior. By accepting. By not saying out loud what we think about the fat, the bald, about the old, the poor, the sick and so on. Or are the fat kids the popular ones in your neighborhood’s school?

I’m in Cozumel right not and it’s a paradise people try to preserve. No wonder. It’s really amazing. But i can’t help but remembering coasts with less luck. Those with less interesting fish and less reefs and soaked in oil from transport ships. So i also had to remember about my fluffy cat. The animal i love the most. He happens to be a gourgeous persian cat. I had to remember my cat because there are cats screaming all night by the hotel in Cozumel because they are starving as billions of other animals in the world. The fish here are so friendly. They don’t fear humans. Neither the cows and pigs that we eat everyday. Ok. Not all the cows. The really beautiful cows turns into procriation machines and have a better luck.

The fact is that it seams we gotta really balance out Darwin in these situations  but we are unprepared for the task. We do want equality but we finance the differences. We pay for the top models and we go to the movies to see things pleasant to the eyes. We hang with the good looking ar the successful or those we admire in one way of the other.  And yes we choose and leave the unlucky behind. Probably many of you are as me unlucky in many subjects and lucky in a couple. In the hotel i am there are a lot of poor mexicans serving food and making sure the lucky ones are well served. I’m lucky for a week a year but as i’m not a model and i don’t find my place in the sun unless i work more than one should i have to go back tomorrow and work as most. As those mexicans serving us. The thing is: Some are spared of this. Some get it easier and it’s all about Darwin. But not the fittest to survive as Herbert Spencer said. Just the fittest and gourgeous. Deny it if you can! Tell me you left the cute kitty behind and got the ugly blind one. Tell me you are ugly and always had it easy for you. Tell me you believe most people tend to see beauty in virtue and spirit. Tell me i’m not saying the true! If i’m telling the true in other hand it will be really difficult for us to ever live in an equal society where everybody can find a place in the sun. That’s the sad true…unless you are one of the lucky ones…

I was reading another research showing the society’s degree of cleanliness is getting too high and deseases that never existed are becoming more and more normal as we get cleaner. I’m really in for the cleaning concept specially showers. I can’t go to sleep without it but it seams some bacteria we had before prevented our own body to produce deseases. Some of these deseases created by our own immune system. Not only in the medical field but in general life i believe everything need it’s own balance and in this really tech world we live today it’s getting more and more difficult to get our hands dirty. Some people give me the impression of not having contact with dirty in a while. Some people even give me the impression that sex can be too messy for them. The important thing is that life is messy and our bodies are really dirty things. There are many disgusting stuff we generate inside our bodies. What is really clean is death. Where there’s no life everything is aseptic. No germs which are also living things. So it bothers me to see i kid that never played outside. These modern kids raised by computers. It’s sad to learn they never saw an earthworm in their lives. It makes me wonder if the more you get away from dirt the more you get away from life.

When i had panic syndrome in learned how does it feel to be dying. Or at least i felt it close enough to start thinking about the way i spent my life. I did a lot of rights and wrongs and to my surprise none of them did bother me then. The only thing that really bothered me enough to feel sorrow for dying without changing it was the time i spent doing things that are not important. To explain it better i’m not talking about everyone’s point of view of importance. I’m talking about my point of view wich it opposite to others. All my life i did a lot of stuff according to other people’s expectations. I think it starts inside the families. Your parents visualise a “good” standard for you and you have to follow that. In school you have evaluations about how you perform. Your social life shows you need to follow certain standards to be successful and it professional life is the same. Even in your love life you will always have to keep up with expectations other people created about your self. The problem with this is how seriously to treat this subject. I was the kind of person who would not argue afraid to displease someone. As many i would do things other people consider important and i don’t. Sometimes i would even convince my self i did but i didn’t. So it’s a serious questioning you should apply to yourself. How much do i do for other sake and how much do i do for my self? Sometimes you will realize you spend most of your time doing stuff you don’t care about. I’m not talking about being selfish. On the contrary. You should help people in need. I’m talking about life wasting. About the time you spend trying to look like the girl in the magazine because that’s your mom’s standard. About how heavy you are on drugs or alcool because your friends think it’s cool. The time you spend crying because you are not thin enough and the diet and pills you took your hole life. The job you hate but it fits a certain standard your wife feels you should have. Those things have to be well balanced. Of course you can be generous if you have something in return otherwise no relationship would ever stand. And of course you can be generous if you feel like it. The problem happens when you start making concessions without even noticing. When you don’t realize those are your parent’s dreams. Those are your’s friends desires. Those are your wife’s expectations. Not yours. That’s what i learned when i felt i could die the next day. Time is all we have in this life. If you let anyone steal this time from you this will make you sorrow afterwords. So live your life the way you want. It’s the only one you got!