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I have a friend that used to say she would never have a kid. “Nothing as irritating as a kid screaming by your side on the airplane” she used to say. I tried to understand how someone choose to not have a kid. I really think it’s natural to want to have children. The spark in the eyes of a new father is undescrideable. After having babies new parents can stay months with no sleep and still be happy about it. They always say: “You will only understand when you have one”. Well… i’m planning on having one next year so i’m paying more attention than ever on parents of babies. I’m starting to learn that i hate mothers that go out to run with their babies on carriers. I’m learning that i hate mothers that go dining after eleven at night bringing babies with them. I’m learning that it’s not the babies falt that the scream. Well that i already knew. It’s the parents falt. Why bring a baby with six months to an international flight? Why bringing a baby to Disneyland? It’s too early for the baby to enjoy. The parents are just using the babies as excuse. So if i’m having a baby i gotta understand something my parents and most parents from the seventies never understood. You have to give up a lot. You can’t just have a baby and continue travelling and going out and working and being away all the time. Leaving the kids with the nanny is not an everyday thing. You gotta have time for your kids. But then i really get scared because i don’t have a clue if i’m good as a parent. I don’t know even if i can hold a baby. Anyway i’ll do it and i’m only sure of one thing: I’ll love him and i’ll rase him and i’ll prepare him to the world and eventually he will leave me. But that’s life!

As the weeks and months pass by we accomplish so many things that we can’t remember it. Always late and running around hour after hour is our daily life. It’s so unusual for me these days to find time just to relax. Usually on weekends i still have some work to get ready before a new week starts. If not there is the minimun we have to do. Going to the market and buying plants and getting our hair cut and writing my posts and fixing something in the house and visiting friends and family and so on and on and on. But sometimes, just sometimes it is possible to do what i’m doing today. Mostly nothing. To stay like a baby in my bed really lazy with not a single thing on my mind (that’s overstated). Of couse too much time off can turn you into a permanently lazy person but we need this little time off so much we just realize it when we have it. I chance to recharge our batteries. It’s common for me to get a cold in days like this. That happens probably because the body lows my defenses. It gets lazy too. LOL. but the effect is amazing. I know next week i’ll start slower and my rhythm will grow during the week. That’s so much better than starting the week already jumping in other people’s throats hallucinating about the urgency of things and the amount of performance you are supposed to deliver. Talking about it in a day like this even makes me sleepy. So good week to all and enjoy the lazy days!!!

I really have no regrets from the way i lived but taking better care of my body. Now at my 40’s i’m starting to learn it’s not infinitely renewable. Even so i don’t know if just me but i sometimes have this crazy wish of going back in time. Not as a time traveler seeking other ages but just going back to a younger age. And not just going but carrying the mind a have now with me. As if tomorrow i would wake up with the same mind and memories but twenty five years ago at my sixteen. To be able to do the stuff i love with much more time in my hands than the time i have now. As we get older we get better at most things. Why don’t our bodies just don’t follow the same path? Like Benjamin Button but not exactly because he was a kind of a freak. I would be better if everybody was like him…We would be old and dumb and we would grow up to be very wise and young. We would be able to enjoy the things we learn buch better. In a way what we have is pretty right. It’s much more balanced but i really can argue with that. The moment we will be more experienced in our lives is the moment before our deaths. What good does that do if the years before that were the weaker and more unhealthy years of our lives? Wouldn’t it be better to be weak and dumb and then be strong and smart?? Maybe it’s just me but i would love to go back in time as i grow old and die as healthy as a baby and intelligent as an elder genious.