Today i went to see my first pyramid. The city of Teotihuacan close to Mexico city was one of the most advanced cities of the pre colombian civilizations. As many of these civilizations it ended with not much of an explanation. The site is undescribeable so i’m posting a shot i took. I was in one of the pyramids called moon and the shot shows the avenue of the dead and the bigger pyramid, the sun. The power of this site is amazing and you can’t help but wonder what happened to the people who lived there. They were very advanced. They lived there from 400 bc to 700 ad and since them we hed no major evolution on astronomy for an example. You may say that we do have many great discoveries in modern astronomy but think about it. They left us the 365 days year with twelve months and four seasons. They knew 20 centuries ago the earth was round and not the center of the universe. They used soap produced by mexican cactus with the same characteristics of our soap and they did it almost twenty centuries before we invented our soap. Like those there are many examples of their power. Even so they disappeared with no clues left behind. The strange thing is that nothing written was ever found so we don’t even know what was the language used by them. They could be extra terrestrials like those i posted a while ago here but that’s not the subject here. What is bothering me is how can a society like that just fade with no traces. Will our society do the same eventually? Societies are like bodies and have a “life” and a “death”. You can have a younger or older society but how to know as a man knows his life is ending that a society is about do die? As societies have a much longer life spam than men we can’t precise how long a society will live. There are signs like climate change and the diminishing of the natural resources. So i think about our society. How old is it? Is it close to it’s end? Will our story survive if we fade like dinosaurs? It overwhelming to be in a place like Teotihuacan thinking about these subjects that are so up to date with the conversations we have today about our future. Did those guys back then imagine nothing could destroy them? Resources were endless? Are we doing these same mistakes headed to the same fate? It’s really important to learn all we can about history so we can grasp how fragile our life in earth is. It’s important to give real value to the risks we take and help ensure our children’s future and their children’s future as well. Time to wake up!!