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This week the world was in shock and full of sadness for someone that is remarkable. Steve Jobs is dead. I know there are many more important people in the world but he is someone that really contributed more than the regular guy for sure. And because of his exposure to the media he was really well known and adored. After hearing many conspiracy theories about the fact that important people don’t just die i think his desease and really quiet and noble twilight proves this is all bullshit. If there is a guy in the world today that could have total access to doctors and new technologies to help fighting for survival this guy was Steve Jobs. Yet he died and he was buried in a small ceremony as a normal person with a family would. No cryogenic conservation of his body or any weird thing expected by some. Just a regular guy. This fact alone means a lot. It means he was only a person like everybody else and it means we have in ourselves the tools to be as amazing as he was. It means that during his short lifetime he made so much he will be remembered for some time. And ultimately it means that with the right opportunity and the will to do something a person can go as far as he did without being a superman or someone from out of this world. I think this is a great legacy. The proof that anyone can be someone really special. This commercial from the 90’s showed a lot of hes vision about this matter. I knew it well but never before i heard it in the voice of Jobs himself. I just learned he recorded an option with his own voice. It’s amazing…

“We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore.” as Howard Beale would say in “Network”, the famous film directed by Sidnei Lumet. This post is not about anger. It’s about movies. I read that the Network was chosen for preservation in the Us National Congress for it’s historical and social value. There are entire generations that are really well documented on films much better than in history books. This is an interesting feature in the knowledge about these generations. One that i can use to talk about my generation is ‘The fight Club”. It defines really well those who grew up in the eighties. Besides is much more fun than history class in my opinion. You probably have films that reminds you of your life and you surroundings. Your dreams and your fears. More than entertainment movies are also a very efficient way of “selling” an idea. The United States was the first country that learned how to do it. Because of the golden age of cinema everybody in the world would know what kind of suit a man should wear and how his house should look like. What kind of car he should have and what kind of answer he would give in a certain situation. This is a very powerful weapon when used well. I’m not sure what will be the next important tool for cultural propaganda but certainly the web is not as fun as the movies. Much more addictive but surely not as fun. I wonder if in a couple centuries the kids will learn from books of from films. I just hope they don’t have to learn from websites.

It’s interesting to watch cartoons with heroes like Superman and Captain America as an adult. It’s amazingly recognizable the amount or morals teaching context and it’s clear that some were made to sell ideas to kids. You probably remember the most exagerated of all: He-man. Some of you probably remember the lesson in the end of every episode. “Don’t talk to strangers” or “Do everything you mother tells you” and things like that. But not just He-man is like this. Many cartoons were designed to help parents to teach some principles to kids and they showed up in a very convenient time. Parents were spending less and less time at home and more time at work. These kids started to be raised by TV and someone decided that was a good way to leave the character building part of education also to the tube. I’m not sure if it worked and i’m talking about my own generation but i think we are doing fine. Unfortunately i ended up choosing twisted heroes like Batman and Spiderman but that should be expected.